10 Mar 2022

TNPSC Indian Economy – Population, Education, Health, Employment, Poverty

TNPSC Indian Economy – Population, Education, Health, Employment, Poverty:

Tamil Nadu stands sixth in population with 7.21 crore against India’s 121 crores as per the 2011 census. However, Tamil Nadu’s population is higher than that of several countries according to UN Report.

State / Country Population (in Crore)
Tamil Nadu 7.2
U.K 6.5
France 6.5
Italy 5.9
South Africa 5.6
Spain 4.7
Sri Lanka 2.1

(Source: Projections published by the United Nations in the 2017 Revision of World Population Prospects.)


a. School Education:

  • Tamil Nadu is grouped among high Gross Enrolement Ratio (GER) States. It ranks third next only to Kerala (81%) and Himachal Pradesh (74%).
  • The all India average is 43% and the world average is 59%.

Tamil Nadu’s primary education statistics 2016-17

Number of schools Primary 35,414
Middle 9,708
High and Higher Secondary 12,911

(Source: Tamil Nadu State portal, State interim Budget 2016-17)

  • Gross Enrolment Ratio is 118.8% for primary level(class 1-5); 112.3% for upper primary level (class 6-8), 62.7% for secondary level (class 9-10), 49.26% at Higher Secondary level (class 11-12). This has been possible mainly due to the supply of free food, cloth, foot-wear, scholarship, laptop etc.

b. Higher Education:

  • In Gross Enrolment Ratio under higher education (Tertiary level) Tamil Nadu continues to be at the top level well ahead of other states.
  • The GER is 46.9% in Tamil Nadu which is far higher against national average and all other States.
  • This higher GER is thanks to the distribution of free food, cloth, footwear, laptop, and scholarship.

Gross Enrolment Rate %

State 2016-17
Tamil Nadu 46.9
Maharashtra 30.2
Uttar Pradesh 24.9
Odisha 21.0
Bihar 14.4
All India 25.2

(Source: All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development- January 2018)

  • Tamil Nadu has 59 Universities, 40 Medical colleges, 517 Engineering colleges, 2,260 Arts and Science
    colleges, 447 Polytechnics and 20 dental colleges.
  • Tamil Nadu produces nearly four lakh engineering and polytechnic students every year, the highest in the


  • Tamil Nadu has a three-tier health infrastructure comprising hospitals, primary health centers, health units, community health centers, and sub- centers.
  • As of March 2015, the State had 34 district hospitals, 229 sub-divisional hospitals, 1,254 primary health centres, 7,555 Sub-centres, and 313 community health centres.

Unemployment and Poverty:

The national average of unemployment rate stands at 50 and Tamil Nadu ranks 22nd with unemployment rate of 42
per 1000. There are different kinds of unemployment with different economic implications. All those aspects need to be studied to fully understand the employment situation.

Indian Economy - Employment & Poverty

Tamil Nadu is one of India’s richest states Since 1994, the state has seen a steady decline in poverty. Today, Tamil Nadu has lower levels of poverty than most other states in the country. After 2005, Tamil Nadu was among India’s fastest-growing states, with growth being driven mainly by services.

TNPSC Indian Economy – Population, Education, Health, Employment, Poverty Questions, and Answers:

1. In the health index, Tamil Nadu is ahead of
a) Kerala  b) Punjab  c) Gujarat  d) all the above

2. In sex ratio, Tamil Nadu ranks
a) first  b) second  c) third   d) fourth

3. Tamil Nadu is rich in
a) Forest resource  b) human resource   c) mineral resource  d) all the above

4. The main source of irrigation in TamilNadu is
a) river  b) tank   c) well  d) canals

5. Knitted garment production is concentrated in
a) Coimbatore  b) Tiruppur  c) Erode  d) Karur

6. Which of the following is wrongly matched?
a) Gateway of Tamil Nadu – Thoothukudi   b) Home textile city – Erode
c) Steel city – Salem        d) Pump city – Coimbatore

7. Which of the following cities does not have international airport?
a) Madurai  b) Tiruchirappalli   c) Paramakudi  d) Coimbatore

8. TN tops in the production of the following crops except
a) Banana  b) Coconut  c) plantation crops  d) cardamom

9. Largest area of land is used in the cultivation of
a) Paddy  b) sugarcane  c) Groundnut   d) Coconut

10. In literacy rate, TN ranks
a) second   b) fourt   c) sixth   d) eighth

11. In investment proposals filed by MSMEs, TN ranks
a) I   b) II   c) III   d) IV

12. Which district in TN has the highest sex ratio?
a) Nagapattinam  b) Nilgiris  c) Tiruchy  d) Thanjavur

13. Which district has the lowest child sex ratio?
a) Madurai  b) Theni   c) Ariyalur  d) Cuddalore

14. Which Union Territory has the highest sex ratio?
a) Chandigarh  b) Pondicherry  c) Lakshadeep  d) Andaman Nicobar

15. The largest contribution to GSDP in Tamil Nadu comes from
a) agriculture  b) industry  c) mining  d) services

16. In human development index, TN is ranked
a) Second  b) fourth   c) sixth   d) seventh

17. SPIC is located in
a) Chennai   b) Madurai  c) Tuticorin   d) Pudukkottai

18. The TICEL park is
a) Rubber Park   b) Textile park  c) Food park   d) Bio park

19. In India’s total cement production, Tamil Nadu ranks
a) third   b) fourth   c) first  d) second

20. The Headquarters of Southern Railway is at
a) Tiruchirappalli  b) Chennai  c) Madurai  d) Coimbatore.

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