10 Mar 2022

TNPSC Aptitude and Mental Ability – Time & Work

TNPSC Aptitude and Mental Ability Study Materials:

Aptitude and Mental Ability questions are more important for the TNPSC Group 2 Prelims Exam. You will get 25 marks from that Aptitude and Mental Ability portion. On this page, TNPSC Group 2, 2a, and Group 4 Aptitude and Mental Ability Books Study Materials questions with answers are uploaded. Go through TNPSC Aptitude Shortcuts & tricks in order to save your time in the prelims exam.

Students who are preparing for the Group exam concentrate more on the maths part. you will easily score more marks in the Mental Ability part. For students’ benefit, we upload aptitude and mental ability English and Tamil questions and answers in PDF for download.  TNPSC aspirants can download and use it for the group prelims exam. kindly download TNPSC Maths PDF given below:


TNPSC – Time & Work Notes:

Direct Proportion:

1. Distance –Time (under constant speed): If the distance increases, the time taken to reach that distance will also increase and vice-versa.
2. Purchase – Spending: If the purchase of utilities for a family during the festival time increases, the spending limit also increases and vice versa.
3. Work Time – Earnings: If the number of hours worked is less, the pay earned will be less and vice-versa.

Inverse Proportion:

1. Price – Consumption: If the price of an article increases, then its consumption will naturally decrease and vice-versa.
2. Workers – Time: If more workers are employed to complete a work, then the time taken to complete will be less and vice-versa.
3. Speed – Time (Fixed Distance): If we travel with less speed, the time taken to cover a given distance will be more and vice-versa.

If 3 persons A, B, and C can do work in x, y, and z days respectively, then the ratio in which their wages will be distributed to them is 1/x : 1/y : 1/z.

  • When the number of days is constant, work and persons are directly proportional to each other and vice-versa.

i.e., increase (↑) in work means increase (↑) in persons with the same number of days.

  • When the number of persons is constant, work and days are directly proportional to each other and vice-versa.

i.e., increase ( ) in work means increase ( ) in days with the same number of persons.

  • When the work is constant, the number of persons and days are inversely proportional to each other and vice-versa.

i.e., increase ( ) persons means decrease ( ) in days with constant work.

Time and Work important point

Time & Work Question and Answers:

1. If the cost of 3 books is ₹90, then find the cost of 12 books.

(i) Rs 300 (ii) Rs 320 (iii) Rs 360 (iv) Rs 400

2. If Mani buys 5kg of potatoes for ` 75 then he can buy ______kg of potatoes for ₹105.

(i) 6 (ii) 7 (iii) 8 (iv) 5

3. 35 cycles were produced in 5 days by a company then______ cycles will be produced in 21 days.

(i) 150 (ii) 70 (iii) 100 (iv) 147

4. An aircraft can accommodate 280 people in 2 trips. It can take ______trips to take 1400 people.

(i) 8 (ii) 10 (iii) 9 (iv) 12

5. Suppose 3 kg. of sugar is used to prepare sweets for 50 members, then ____ kg. of sugar is required for 150 members.

(i) 9 (ii) 10 (iii) 15 (iv) 6

6. 12 cows can graze a field for 10 days. 20 cows can graze the same field for_____ days.

(i) 15 (ii) 18 (iii) 6 (iv) 8

7. 4 typists are employed to complete a work in 12 days. If two more typists are added, they will finish the same work in _______ days.

(i) 7 (ii) 8 (iii) 9 (iv) 1

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A can finish a job in 3 days whereas B finishes it in 6 days. The time taken to complete the job together is __________days.

(ii) If 5 persons can do 5 jobs in 5 days, then 50 persons can do 50 jobs in ________ days.

(iii) A can do work in 24 days. A and B together can finish the work in 6 days. Then B alone can finish the work in ________ days.

(iv) A alone can do a piece of work in 35 days. If B is 40% more efficient than A, then B will finish the work in ___________days.

(v) A alone can do work in 10 days and B alone in 15 days. They undertook the work for `200000. The amount that A will get is ____.

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