01 Feb 2022

TNPSC General English – Questions from Oscar Wilde’s

Questions from Oscar Wilde’s – The Model Millionaire & The Selfish Giant:

TNPSC Group 4 General English consists of three parts, first Grammer, second Literature, and finally Authors and their Literary Works. In this section, we discuss the second one Literature. Actually, Literature is easy & students can easily score maximum marks in this part. TNPSC General English  “Questions from Oscar Wilde’s,” –  frequently asked Questions from The Model Millionaire & The Selfish Giant is given on this page.


The Model Millionaire:

The commonly asked questions from TNPSC General English – Oscar Wilde’s “The Model Millionaire” were short-out below for the TNPSC aspirants.

1. What were the things which made Hughie good-looking?

Ans: Crisp brown hair, clear-cut profile, and grey eyes.

2. What made the old man look like a typical beggar?

Ans: His face was like a wrinkled piece of paper and he has a most piteous expression.

3. What was Hughie’s financial status?

Ans: He has no profession and hence no money.

4. Hughie wanted to marry?

Ans: Laura Merton, the daughter of a retired colonel.

5. How was the old man dressed?

Ans: He has a cloak that was rough. He wore cobbled boots.

6. What did Hughie give to the old man

Ans: A Sovereign.

7. Why did Hughie fear an adverse reaction from Baron?

Ans: As he has treated Baron as a beggar.

8. What was the condition laid down by the colonel to allow Hughie’s engagement with Laura?

     Ans: Hughie should have ten thousand pounds of his own.

9. Why was Hughie upset?

Ans: As he does not have that much money to marry Laura.

10. Where Hughie was going when he went to see his friend Alan Trevor?

Ans: Holland Park.

11. What was the profession of Alan Trevor?

Ans: Painter.

12. What was the envelope has?

Ans: A cheque for ten thousand pounds.

13. What was Trevor painting when Hughie entered?

Ans: Life-size picture of a beggar man.

14. Why the old man has the hat in his hand?

Ans: He was having it as like asking for alms.

15. By seeing what, Trevor was painting?

Ans: The beggar standing in the corner of the studio.

16. What the old man has on his hands?

Ans: On one hand he has a stick and on the other his hat.

17. Why did Hughie wish to apologize to Baron?

Ans: As he has treated one of the richest men in Europe as a beggar, he wishes to apologize to him.

18. What does Hughie say on seeing the old man?

Ans: He was an amazing model.

19. How much does Trevor get for his picture?

Ans: Two thousand pounds.

21. How many shillings make a pound?

Ans: 20

22. Why did Hughie shout at Trevor when Trevor told that he said about him to the old man?

Ans: As a beggar was knowing the private details of Hughie, he shouted at Trevor for telling so.

23. What was written on the envelop?

Ans: A wedding present to Hugh Erskine – Hughie and Laura – from an ‘old beggar

The Selfish Giant:

The commonly asked questions from TNPSC General English – Oscar Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant” were short-out below

1. At what time the children used to play in Giant’s garden?

Ans: Every afternoon.

2. Which tree and how much was there in the garden?

Ans: Twelve peach-trees

3. How do the trees look in spring?

Ans: They broke out in blossoms of pink and pearl.

4. How the trees were in autumn?

Ans: They bore rich fruit.

5. For how many years did the Giant stay with his friend?

Ans: 7 years.

6. The Giant returned from where?

Ans: After visiting his friend Cornish Ogre.

7. Do the children have any other place to play now?

Ans: No.

8. What was there in the garden when spring came in the whole country?

Ans: winter.

9. To whom the north wind invited?

Ans: The Hail

10 . What did the Giant do to the wall after the arrival of spring?

Ans: He took a axe and broke the wall.

11. What did the little boy do in return to the Giant?

Ans: He put his hand around him and kissed him.

12. What did the Giant say when he looked out of the bed?

Ans: The children were playing.

13. What did the Giant do when he saw the children playing in his garden?

Ans: He did not like the children playing in his garden and made them go away.

14. What was written on the board that the Giant put up?

Ans: Trespassers will be prosecuted.

15. What did the hail do in the garden?

Ans: He was on the roof for three hours and danced around the garden.

16. Why did the children did not play on the road?

Ans: The road was very dusty and had hard stones on it.

17. What did the Giant think when he heard the lovely music?

Ans: The King’s musician may be passing by.

18. Who were the only pleased people to visit the Giant’s garden?

Ans: Snow and frost.

19. How does the snow covers the grass?

Ans: White cloak

20. How the frost painted the tree?

Ans: They painted the trees silver.

21. To whom the snow and frost invite?

Ans: The north wind.

22. What did the giant thought when spring didn’t came to his garden?

Ans: He thought there may be some change in the weather.

23. What was there throughout the year in Giant’s garden?

Ans: Only Winter. No spring and no autumn

25. What did the Giant do to the little boy?

Ans: He helped him claim the tree by raising him up.

26. Why the spring did not come in the corner of the garden?

Ans: As there was no child on the tree and only a little boy was trying to claim it.

27. Why the little boy did not ran away when the Giant was coming?

Ans: As his eyes was full of tears, he did not see the Giant coming.

28. What did the little boy say about the wounds?

Ans: They were the wounds of love

29. What were the beautiful flowers according to the Giant?

Ans: The children

30. To which place does the little boy invite the Giant?

Ans: To his garden- The Paradise.

31. For whom the giant was waiting all days?

Ans: For the little boy.

32. What did the children say when Giant asked about the little boy?

Ans: They said they did not know from where he came.

33. Why there was still blossom in one tree in the corner of the garden even after the arrival of the winter?

Ans: As the little boy was standing underneath.

34. What did the Giant see in the palm and feet of the little boy?

Ans: Wounds made by nails.

35. What was covered when the giant was dead?

Ans: White blossoms.

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