01 Feb 2022

TNPSC British English American English

TNPSC Group Exam Literature: British English – American English

TNPSC General English has contain 100 marks and Consists of three parts. first Grammer, second Literature, and finally Authors and their Literary Works. In this section, we discuss the second one Literature. Actually, the Literature part is easy & students can easily score maximum marks in this part. There are some frequently asked words in TNPSC Exams from British English – American English that are given below.

British English

American English 
Windows Shade Blind
autumn fall
biscuit cookie
film movie
crisps potato chips
ground floor first floor
luggage baggage
lorry truck
nappy diaper
mobile phone cell phone
holiday vacation
Sweets candy
chemist druggist
underground subway
lift escalator
Railway Railroad
maize Corn
porridge oatmeal
tap faucet
taxi cab
cheque check
skilful skillful
Aerial Antenna
petrol gasoline
Pavement/footpath Sidewalk

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