22 Oct 2018

TNPSC Exam Preparation Books

TNPSC Exam Preparation Books – List of Books for Group Exams:

TNPSC Group Exam Syllabus:

Understanding the syllabus is most important for any type of examination. First and foremost thing is to go through TNPSC Group Exams syllabus. Take a note or MS word and write down topics based on marks or priority. Give more priority to those areas which actually you score easily. Here is the step for “TNPSC Exam Preparation Books & Tips”. For TNPSC Group 2 Exam, Group 2A and Group 4 you split it into two portions:

  1. General English/Tamil – 100 questions and 150 marks
  2. General Studies – 100 questions and 150 marks

Click here to view Group Exam Syllabus.

Basic Preparation Books for TNPSC Exam:

Primary Study materials – Samacheer books:

TNPSC Group 2, Group 2A and Group 4 Exam basic Study material are 6 to 12 Samacheer kalvi books. Read 6th t0 12th English, Tamil, Science, Social, and Maths books. Also, read 11th and 12th History, Geography, Polity, and Economy. Samacheer kalvi books are available on a different website in PDF format. Better you buy from the market or take print out from websites. Samacheer 6th to 12th books in PDF format – Click here.

Give more importance to General English/General Tamil Portion, It easy to score more marks when compared to General Studies. In General Studies portion you have different topics, out of these topics give more weightage to Aptitude, Current Affairs, Polity, and Economy.

For General English/Tamil Part samacheer books are more than enough. Don’t buy any other books for English and Tamil part. Try to go through at least 10th,11th and 12th English and Tamil books. Read each and every word of that book. You can score easily 80+ marks in that TNPSC Group 2 prelims, Group 2A and Group 4 Exams.

TNPSC Exam Preparation Books

Secondary Study Materials – Standard Book Materials List:

A lot of students buy various books for TNPSC Group Exams. Don’t buy too many books, find out the area where you can score good marks. Here is the list of books that most of the people suggest for Group 2 Prelims, Group 2A(non-interview post) and Group 4 exam.

1. History (2 books)
i) Prof.J.Dharmarajan’s Tamilnadu History
ii) K.Venkadesan. India Freedom Struggle

2. Indian Polity – Lakshmi Kanth
3. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh’s Book
4. Geography – Spectrum Publication
5. India Year Book by Government of India
6. Aptitude – R. S. Agarwal
7. Current Affairs – The Hindu, Dinamalar or from Websites(you get monthly CA)

Read these book itself enough for Prelims Exam. If you need all the materials in PDF Format – Click here.

After preparing all portion workout previous year question papers so that you get an idea about weaker topics and area to concentrate more. Try to solve different year question papers and check whether you able to score eligible cut off. TNPSC Group Exam Previous year question papers with solution PDF- Download Now.

Try different Group Exams Model Question Papers:

After completing the above steps, please solve model question papers. If you slove those question papers it will help to find out your weaker area. It improves your confidence level and rectifies unwanted mistakes in the main exam. To get different model question papers for Group exam check URL below.

TNPSC Group 1 Model Question Papers – View now

Group 2 Question Papers – Click here

Group 2A(non-interview) question paper – Click here

TNPSC CCSE 4 Model Question papers – View here



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