17 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 6 Prose Book Back

8th Book Back English – Unit 6: Friendship

Samacheer Kalvi 8th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 8 New Syllabus 2021 to 2022 Book Back Solutions/Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 8th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 6 Prose Book Back PDF for Free Download.

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Book Back for Unit 6 Friendship general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 6 Friendship Book Back:


Unit – 6 Friendship

Section – I

Fill in the blanks:

1. …………………. constructions was once a leading company
Ans: – Vetri

2. He took a …………………. to run his company.
Ans: – loan

3. Vetri’s friend is ………………….
Ans: – Asif

Section – II

Say True or False.

1. Keelakudi was the native of Vetri.
Ans: – True

2. The school was a middle school.
Ans: – True

3. Vetri and Asif were good in studies.
Ans: – True

4. Vetri never visited Chennai.
Ans: – True

5. Asif was a businessman.
Ans: – True

Section – III

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. Vetri went to Asif’s
a) home
b) office
c) room

2. Vetri came to Chennai to visit his.
a) father
b) friend
c) brother

3. Asif saw his friend through the
a) camera
b) window
c) glas

B. Choose correct synonyms for the italic word.

1. Vetri constructed a bungalow.
a) designed
b) built
c) demolished
d) destroyed

2. The brothers started a business separately.
a) apart
b) alone
c) united
d) combined

3. I am living in the outskirts of the village.
a) border
b) outpost
c) center
d) region.

4. Asif quarreled with his friend.
a) fought
b) differ
c) peace
d) fun

5. He stood astounded.
a) happy
b) surprised
c) shocked
d) exicted

C. Choose correct Antonyms for the italic word.

1. Vetri’s wife replied angrily.
a) calm
b) annoyed
c) irritate

2. The vegetables look fresh.
a) rotten
b) dull
c) new
a) rotten

3. Vetri had a strong will to start a new business.
a) desire
b) thin
c) weak

4. Vetri was surprised bv his friend.
a) unsurprised
b) expected
c) shocked

5. He spoke nervously.
a) scared
b) confident
c) anxious

D. Answer the following questions in one or two words.

1. What was the name of Vetri’s company?
Ans: – 
The name of Vetri’s company was ‘Vetri Constructions’.

2. Why did he sell his properties?
Ans: – 
He took loans to run his company, but he could not pay the loan. So he sold all his properties in order to re- pay the loans.

3. Which was the home town of Vetri and Asif?
Ans: – 
The home town of Vetri and Asif was Keelakudi village.

4. When did Vetri receive a call from Asifs office?
Ans: – 
Two days later after reaching his home, Vetri received a call from Asif’s office.

E. Answer the following questions in 100 words.

1. How did Vetri lose his properties?
Ans: – 
Once Vetri was a successful businessman of Vetri constructions. It was a leading company. His company constructed many complexes, houses, and a few apartments in Coimbatore. After the death of his father, his brothers demanded him to divide the wealth because they wanted to start their business personally. Thereafter it was really difficult for him to establish his business. He took loans to run his company, but he could not pay back the loan. So, he sold his properties in order to re-pay the loans.

2. What happened when Vetri met Asif?
Ans: – 
Vetri boarded the train and went straight to Asif’s office. When Vetri was enquiring about Asif, he got a pat on his back. It was Asif, who came to receive Vetri, after seeing him through the CCTV camera. Vetri was speechless. He apologized to Asif saying that he never got a chance to visit Chennai. So he couldn’t meet him at all. They spoke about their school days and the fun they had. They also discussed their business. Asif took Vetri to his home for lunch. Vetri was surprised to see that everyone knows him. In the evening, Asif dropped him at the station.

3. How did Asif show his friendship?
By understanding Vetri’s current situation Asif decided to give the project to him. Two days later, Vetri received a call from Asif’s office. They said “Our MD Mr. Asif, has assigned a project to you. He wants to meet you. Will you come to Chennai.” Through this Asif shower his friendship.


Direct and Indirect Speech:

A) Change the following into Indirect Speech:

1. “What do you want?” he said to her.
Ans: –
He asked her what she wanted.

2. He said, “How’s your father?”
Ans: – 
He asked how my father was.

3. “Are you coming home with me?” he asked.
Ans: – 
He asked whether I was coming home with him.

4. The poor man exclaimed, “Will none of you help me?”
Ans: – 
The poor man sadly exclaimed that none of us would help him.

5. “Don’t you know the way home?” asked I.
Ans: – 
I asked if he knew the way home.

B) Change the following into Indirect Speech:

1. “Bring me a glass of milk,” said the swami to the villagers.
Ans: – 
Swami said to the villagers to bring him a glass of milk.

2. “Sit down, boys,” said the teacher.
Ans: – 
The teacher told the boys to sit down.

3. “Halt!” shouted the officer to his men.
Ans: – 
The officer shouted his men to halt.

4. “Take off your hat,” the king said to the Hatter.
Ans: – 
The king ordered the Hatter to take off his hat.

5. The teacher said to him, “Do not read so fast.”
Ans: – 
The teacher ordered him not to read so fast.

6. He said to me, “Wait until I come.”
Ans: – 
He told me to wait until he came.

7. “Hurry up,” he said to his servant, “do not waste time.”
Ans: – 
He ordered his servant to hurry up and not to waste time. .

8. “Runaway, children,” said their mother.
Ans: – 
The mother told her children to run away.

9. He said, “Daughter, take my golden jug, and fetch me some water from the Well.”
Ans: – 
He told his daughter to take his golden jug and fetch him some water from the well.

10. “Go down to the bazaar. Bring me some oil and a lump of ice.” ordered his master.
Ans: – 
The master ordered to go down to the bazaar and bring him some oil and a lump of ice.

D) What were the actual words used in each instance below? The sentences containing the actual words are jumpled in the box. Write them out in the same order as the actual words.

1. Punitha asked Pushpa what she was reading.
Ans: – 
“What are you reading, Pushpa”? asked Punitha.

2. Pushpa told her that he was reading Robinson Crusoe.
Ans: – 
“I am reading Robinson Crusoe”, Pushpa told her.

3. Punitha asked her what it was all about.
Ans: – 
“What is it all about”? Punitha asked.

4. Pushpa said it was about a man wrecked on an island.
Ans: – 
“It is about a man wrecked on an island,” said Pushpa.

5. Punitha then asked her friend who gave her the book.
Ans: – 
“Who gave you the book, Pushpa?” Punitha then asked.

6. Pushpa answered that her uncle gave it to her at Christmas.
Ans: – 
“Uncle gave it to me at Christmas,” answered Pushpa.

7. Finally Punitha inquired if she could borrow it.
Ans: – 
“May I borrow it?” inquired Punitha.

8. Pushpa replied that she would certainly lend it to her.
Ans: – 
“Of course I will lend it to you,” replied Pushpa.

  • “May I borrow it?” inquired Punitha.
  • “What are you reading, Pushpa?” asked Punitha.
  • “It is about a man wrecked on an island,” Pushpa said.
  • “Of course I will lend it to you,” replied Pushpa.
  • “Uncle gave it to me at Christmas,” answered Pushpa.
  • “What is it all about?” Punitha asked.
  • “I am reading Robinson Crusoe, Pushpa told her.
  • “Who gave you the book, Pushpa?” Punitha then asked.

E) Change the following into Direct Speech:-

1. Nevin asked his father when the next letter would come.
Ans: –
Nevin said to his father,” When will the next letter come?”

2. I wrote that I would visit him next day.
Ans: – 
I write, ” I will visit you tomorrow.”

3. I told them to be quiet.
Ans: – 
I said to them, “Be quiet.”

4. Lakshan asked me if I had anything to say.
Ans: – 
Lakshan said to me, “Do you have anything to say?”

5. An old mouse asked who would bell the cat.
Ans: – 
An old mouse said, ” Who will bell the cat?”

6. Mervin said that he wanted to be a soldier.
Ans: – 
Mervin said, “I want to be a soldier.”

7. Ebin asked me what I wanted.
Ans: – 
Ebin said to me, “What do you want?”

8. Bhagya said that she had seen that picture.
Ans: – 
Bhagya said, “I have seen that picture.”

9. The stranger asked Nasrin where she lived.
Ans: – 
The stranger said, “Where do you live?”

10. I asked Mary if she would lend me a pencil.
Ans: – 
I said to Mary, “Will you lend me a pencil?”

F) Sherlyn receives a postcard from her friend Pushpa who is holidaying in Sri Lanka. She calls her friend Galen and tells him what Pushpa has written. Help her by filling in the blanks, using reported speech. 

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Guide Prose Chapter 6 Friendship 17

Hello, Galen Today I received a postcard from Pushpa. Remember I had told you that She has gone to Sri Lanka on a holiday? Well, she has written from Colombo. She has written that she had visited Elephant Orphanage. It had 84 elephants. She said that it is the biggest herd of elephants in the world that is living under human supervision. She also added that she was glad that they had come there because she was learning a lot. The Elephant Orphanage was truly worth visiting. She said that the next day. they were going to the national park. She would be returning next week and added that she was looking forward to meeting me. then.

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