17 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 4 Poem Book Back

8th Book Back English – Unit 4: A Thing of Beauty

Samacheer Kalvi 8th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 8 New Syllabus 2021 to 2022 Book Back Solutions/Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 8th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 4 Poem Book Back PDF for Free Download.

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Book Back for Unit 4 A Thing of Beauty general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 4 A Thing of Beauty Book Back:


Unit – 4 A Thing of Beauty

A. Choose the correct answers.

1. According to the poet, a thing of beauty is …………….
a) a joy forever
b) a pain forever
c) suffering forever
d) neglected

2. Beautiful things never “pass into nothingness ” means that they ……………..
a) Never increases
b) create unpleasantness between friends
c) never fade away
d) always bring unhappiness

3. “Will keep a bower quiet for us” means ……………..
a) Will give us peace and calm
b) will stop unpleasant sound
c) make our beds fit sleep
d) reduces noise

4. Of all the unhealthy means ……………..
a) Pain
b) neglect
c) suffering
d) ill-health

5.The sun moon, trees, old and young are the things that ……………..
a) Depress us
b) remove the pall of gloom from our lives
c) makes us laugh
d) give us oxygen

B. Answer the following.

1. How is a thing of beauty joy forever?
A thing of beauty is a joy forever because it is a source of endless joy and its eternal beauty never fades away.

2. Why do we suffer?
We suffer because some shape of beauty moves away from the pall From our dark spirits.

3. According to the poet, mention the evil things we possess?
The evil things we possess are hatred, greed, and negativity.

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