16 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 2 Prose Book Back

8th Book Back English – Unit 2: Hobby Turns into a Successful Career

Samacheer Kalvi 8th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 8 New Syllabus 2021 to 2022 Book Back Solutions/Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 8th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 2 Prose Book Back PDF for Free Download.

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Book Back for Unit 2 Hobby Turns into a Successful Career general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 2 Hobby Turns into a Successful Career  Book Back:


Unit – 2 Hobby Turns into a Successful Career

Section – I

Read and Understand

A. Say true or false:

1. Mani’s hobby is playing cricket.
Ans: – False

2. Hobbies are unique to people.
Ans: – True

3. People have hobbies only to pass the time
Ans: – False

B. Choose the correct answer:

1. Mani imagined a world with
a) music and musicians
b) building and sculptures
c) magic and magicians.

2. When Mani started writing things, he was unable to
a) describe them accurately
b) describe them fluently
c) describe them imaginatively

3. Mani feels writing is like
a) painting the voice
b) engraving the voice
c) designing the voice

Section – II

Read and Understand

A. Say true or false.

1. Ajay Garg is an artist.
Ans: – True

2. Asha Devi taught Ajay the miniature painting.
Ans: – True

3. Ajay displayed 150 paintings.
Ans: – True

4. Ajay was awarded by the Indian president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
Ans: – True

B. Answer the following questions:

1. What was Ajay gifted with?
Ajay was gifted with the skill of painting.

2. How was he honored?
He was honored and awarded a national award of accomplishment from the Indian President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, in 2004.

3. What is Ajay’s current goal?
Ajay’s current goal was to re-energies the dying art of traditional Miniature Indian paintings.

4. Does Ajay’s hobby become a successful career? How?
Yes, because he turned his hobby into a successful career.

Section – III

Read and Understand

A. Fill in the blanks:

1. Mani’s grandfather noticed it and helped him by reading ………………..
bedtime stories

2. Ajay mastered the techniques of ……………….
Preparing colours and brushes

3. Ilavazhagi won her first match against ……………..
her father

B. Choose correct synonyms for the italic word.

1. Writing is a unique hobby
a) common
b) beneficial
c) uncommon
d) separate

2. Ajay started to paint happily.
a) depressed
b) joyfully
c) unhappily
d) sadly

3. Miniature paintings depict Indian culture.
a) warp
b) portray
c) twist
d) falsify

C. Choose correct antonyms for the italic word.

1. Ajay suffered an injury.
a) sorrow
b) endure
c) hurt
d) mourn

2. Ajay mastered the techniques of painting.
a) skilled
b) proficient
c) unskilled
d) experienced

3. Ilavazhagi won the world championship in
a) win
b) succeed
c) defeat
d) well-skilled

D. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

1. What happened to Ajay at the age of three?
Ajay suffered an injury at the age of three. He was treated, but that treatment left him permanently deaf.

2. What did Asha Devi teach Ajay?
She taught him the old and dying technique of “Traditional Indian Miniature Painting”.

3. Why writing is beneficial according to Mani?
According to Mani, writing opens his mind to think beyond the little things with a broader mind. It makes him more passionate about his life, and learn new things.

E. Answer the following question in 100 words.

1. How did Ajay’s father find his son’s talent?
Ajay Kumar Garg is a skilled young artist, lives in Jaipur, India. At the age of three, he suffered an injury in his ears. He had taken many treatments, but they were ineffective and left him permanently deaf. One day his father had bought him a paint set to play. Ajay started to play joyfully. He used to paint on the walls, and floors, etc. Whenever he .used the paint set he remained happy in his life. It was noticed by his father, and soon he realised that he was talented in painting.

2. Write a note on Illavalaghi:
Ilavazhagi was one among the many to achieve their dream amidst all odds. Her father was a district-level champion in carom. He used to put her on the Carom board to listen to the sound of strikers and coins. Her father took her to the local clubs frequently. When Ilavazhagi won her first match against her father, she gained confidence. This confidence led her to win the Asia Cup, SAARC Cup, and the world championship. She won a lot of trophies. She won the 2008 Indian National Carom Championship and became a world champion in the women’s singles. Her passion for Carom made her succeed in life.


Singular and Plural.
Write the plural form of the given words:

8th english book back questions with answer


Singular Plural
food food
radius radii
governor-general governors-general
syllabus syllabi
datum Data
commander-in-chief commanders-in-chief
thesis theses
forum fora
cattle cattle
genius genii


A. Match the following compound words and write them:

8th english book back questions with answer


First word Second word New word
match mark matchbox
air cut airport
blood port blood bank
Pop gum popcorn
sky bank sky blue
hair blue hair cut
book com book mark
sewing box sewing gum

B. Choose the best answer to make a compound word:

1. Which can be placed after ‘soft’?
a) play
b) ware
c) run
d) cycle

2. Which can be placed before ’light’?
a) try
b) sun
c) horse
d) cat

3. Which can be placed after ‘safe’?
a) chair
b) guard
c) shop
d) van

4. Which can be placed after ‘blue’?
a) cane
b) print
c) see
d) land

5. Which can be placed after ‘water’?
a) food
b) stick
c) fall
d) out


Questions on passage and answers.

1. What is philately?
Stamp collecting hobby is known as philately.

2. What is Numismatics?
The hobby of collecting coins from different countries is called Numisonatics.

3. Do you know where the rarest and the most beautiful shells are found?
The rarest and the most beautiful shells are found in the Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, and Mediterranean regions.

4. Painting can help unleash your creative side. How?
Painting relaxes our mind and helps us focus better.

5. What is your friend’s hobby? How does it differ from yours? Discuss and write.
My friend’s hobby is web-browsing. It is different from my hobby of gardening. His hobby is an amazing hobby. We can learn about things that are thousands of kilometers away with just a few clicks. We can also share all the wonderful information with our friends.



a. Fill in the blanks

8th english book back questions with answer


Positive Comparative Superlative
tall taller tallest
smart smarter smartest
large larger largest
big bigger biggest
late later / latter lattest

Let’s compare two things:

1. Which is faster a train or a plane?
A plane is faster than a train.

2. Which is cheaper gold or silver?
Silver is cheaper than gold.

3. Which is larger, city or village?
City is larger than village.

4. Which is bigger, a sea or an ocean?
An ocean is bigger than the sea.

5. Which is taller, a giraffe or a camel?
A giraffe is taller than a camel.

Let’s compare three things:

1. Town – city – village (quiet)
Village is quiet.
The town is quieter than city Village is the quietest.

2. Istanbul – Moscow – London (populated)
London is populated country.
Moscow is more populated than London. Istanbul is the most populated country.

3. Windy weather – warm weather – rainy weather (good)
Windy weather is good.
Warm weather is better than windy weather.
Rainy weather is the best.

4. Ocean – river – lake (deep)
River is deep.
Lake is deeper than river Ocean is the deepest.

5. The USA – Russia – Spain (large)
Spain is large country.
Russia is larger than in Spain.
The USA is the largest country.

6. The Mahanadi – The Cauvery – The Ganga (long)
The Mahanadi is a long river.
The Cauvery is longer than the Mahanadi.
Ganga is the longest river.

7. Chennai – Hyderabad – Bengaluru (modern)
Bengaluru is a modem city.
Hyderabad is more modem than Bengaluru.
Chennai is the most modem city.

8. Giraffe – Horse – goat (tall)
Goat is a tall animal.
Horse is a taller than Goat.
Giraffee is the tallest animal.

9. Elephant – Cat – Dog (strong)
Cat is a strong animal.
Dog is stronger than Cat.
Elephant is the strongest animal.

10. Maharastra – Tamilnadu – Rajasthan (hot)
Maharastra is a hot state.
Tamilnadu is a hotter state than Maharastra.
Rajasthan is the hottest state.

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