20 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back Term 1 Unit 3 Prose

7th Std English Book Back Answers Term I Unit 3: A Prayer to the Teacher

Samacheer Kalvi 7th Standard English Book Back Questions with Answers PDF uploaded and the same is given below. Class Seventh candidates and those preparing for TNPSC exams can check the Book Back Grammer Answers PDF below. The Samacheer Kalvi Class 7th Std English Book Back Answers Term I Unit 3 – A Prayer to the Teacher Book Back Solutions Guide is given below. Check the complete Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Term 1 Unit 3 Questions and Answers below:

We also provide class 7th other units Book Back One and Two Mark Solutions Guide on our site. Students looking for a new syllabus 7th standard English Term I Unit 3 Prose Book Back Questions with Answer PDF:

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Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back for Unit 3 A Prayer to the Teacher general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Term I Unit 3 A Prayer to the Teacher Book Back Answers:

The Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back Term 1 Unit 3 Prose Answers are given below,

7th English Book Back Answer

Prose – Term 1

Unit – 3 A Prayer to the Teacher

I. Which of these statements do you find in the speech?

Inclusion is essential for us to do well in life.
We should neglect others.
Communicate politely with the less privileged.
Teachers teach us to communicate well.
Effective Communication is essential to excel in life.
We find statements No. 1, 3 and 4 in the speech.

  1. [✓]
  2. [✗]
  3. [✓]
  4. [✓]
  5. [✗]

II. Read the statements. Tick [✓] the correct words. You can tick more than one.

1. We should develop the ability to learn from _____
[✓] self
[✓] others
[✓] books

2. Teachers help me to learn _____  things.
[✓] new
[ ] bad
[✓] difficult

3. Teach me to appreciate
[✓] nature
[ ] destruction
[✓] small creatures

4. We should learn to questions.
[✓] ask
[✓] answer
[ ] discard

III. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

1. What is inclusion? Why is it important?
Inclusion is the boundary which lets a person to be lived in. It is very important because it helps one do well in life.

2. What is good or effective communication?
Good and effective communication is to be able to speak and write to convey what we actually feel.

3. What should we learn from our teachers?
We should learn the value of inclusion and good communication from our teachers.

4. What kind of learning brings joy to you?
Learning new ways to learn brings joy to us.

5. In what ways are we doing injustice to nature?
We are doing injustice to nature by the usage of fertilizers and pesticides which causes imbalance to nature.

6. What do you need to learn to live a good life in this world?
To live a good life in this world we need to learn to appreciate the interconnected nature of things.

7. How does the ability to question help us?
The ability of questioning enables us to get new answers. It makes us explore to establish a better order of things.

8. What do you think are the two most important lessons that the speaker mentions?
The two most important lessons the speaker mentions are to stress our point without raising our voice and to raise our voice when our silence hurts another life.

IV. Answer the following questions in detail.

1. What are the skills/values a teacher should teach their students to live in this competitive world?
The skills and values a teacher should teach their students to live in this competitive world are the values of inclusion, communication, appreciation nature, teach to leam, ability to question and answer, the power of silence, to raise the voice to protect the truth, develop a world view of things, appreciate diversity and dialogue and tolerance.

2. What kind of a life do you want to lead in this world?
When I live in this world I want to live a patriotic life which means having tolerance towards others with a different opinion in matters like religion, race, etc. I would like to consider all people in the world suffering from poverty, disease, and hunger as my own and help them. Violence should not be found in my environment. I should have the strength to love all my fellow human beings with all their shortcomings. I should see unity in diversity. I must not consider anyone from any part of the globe as a foreigner or stranger but as a brother and sister. I wish to live a peaceful life without any barbed wires or smoking guns.


Prefix And Suffix

A. Match the suitable prefix and suffix to create new words of your own. One has been done for you.

7th English Book Back Ans

B. Refer to your dictionary. Add a prefix or suffix to the following words and find their antonyms.

privileged × underprivileged
animate × inanimate
discriminate × indiscriminate
empty × unempty
communicate × miscommunicate
learn × unlearn


C. Listen to the story and fill in the blanks by selecting the right option.

  1. Raj was upset as he had done ______ (Well/poorly) in his English test
  2. His grandmother gave him a ______ (pen/pencil)
  3. Granny compared ______ (Raj / Ravi) with the pencil.
  4. Raj’s pain of not doing well in his test was compared with ______ of Pencil. (Sharping/ writing)
  5. Raj understood that failures are stepping stones to _____ (success/climbing)


  1. Poorly
  2. Pencil
  3. Raj
  4. Sharping
  5. success



D. Read the story. Divide yourselves into groups of four. Discuss what little Sarah wants to talk about. Take roles and enact the story.
Anitha, Banu, Chitra, and Daisy discuss what Little Sarah wants to talk about.
Anitha: Why is Sarah sad?
Banu: Sarah’s father got a transfer to another city. So Sarah was moved to a new house and a new school in the new city.
Chitra: Oh! Is she sad because she missed her old home and old school friends?
Daisy: Yes. She wanted to express her sad feelings to her close relatives.
Anitha: Do you mean to her parents and brother?
Banu: But poor thing, they did not listen to her in their busy work.
Chitra: Was she able to tell her feelings to anyone?
Daisy: Her teacher Ms. Nancy saw her new student Sarah sad. She called her and asked the reason.
Anitha: Sure. Sarah would have told how badly she missed her dear friends and her home. Was the teacher able to make her happy?
Banu: Of course. The teacher listened to Sarah patiently and told her that the people near her present home and school are also good and assure her she would earn good friends soon.
Chitra: The teacher had helped Sarah to develop a world view of things, to appreciate diversity, and the power of loving her fellow human beings.
All: Yes!

Picto Grammar

E. Look at the pictures. Pick out the right preposition and fill in the speech bubbles given below.

7th English book back Solutions


  1. I’ am jumping over the box.
  2. I can jump down from the box.
  3. I’ am standing on the box.
  4. I’ am carrying the box on my head.
  5. I’ am sitting inside the box.
  6. I’ am standing in front of the box
  7. I’ am sitting in between the boxes.


F. Read the following sentences carefully and underline the preposition

  1. Julian placed her lunchbox inside her bag. – Place Preposition
  2. Vinothini left the house before sunrise. – Time Preposition
  3. Ben saw Daisy playing across the road. – Place Preposition
  4. Hema keeps all her teddy bears on top of her wardrobe. – Position Preposition
  5. Divya hid the sweets behind her back. – Place Preposition
  6. Sudha fell over during the basketball match. – Position Preposition
  7. Madhusudhan checked to see if his keys had fallen underneath his chair. – Position Preposition
  8. Mrs. Meena asked the children to go into her classroom. – Place Preposition
  9. After lunch, the children were allowed to play. – Time Preposition
  10. Saravanan climbed onto the horse. – Position Preposition

G. Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositions.

1. Is your mother _______ home?
(a) in
(b) at
(c) on
Answer: (b) at

2. There is unity in diversity _______ the people.
(a) among
(b) between
(c) within
Answer: (a) among

3. He discussed the problem _______ his parents.
(a) with
(b) to
(c) for
Answer: (a) with

4. Lithisha was praised _______ her father.
(a) with
(b) for
(c) by
Answer: (c) by

5. Can you finish the work _______ tomorrow?
(a) by
(b) in
(c) within
Answer: (a) by

6. He has been absent _______ last week.
(a) since
(b) for
(c) by
Answer: (a) since

H. Fill in the blanks using suitable positions from the box. Some options can be used more than once.

(across, with, on, to, by, since, from, about, into, at, during)

  1. What do you do at ______ weekends?
  2. I am going to my village on ______ Sunday.
  3. I haven’t met my friends since ______ December.
  4. Run ______ the street and get me the ribbon.
  5. He told me in detail ______ the incident.
  6. ‘This picture was drawn ______ the girl ______ Charcoal
  7. The car was travelling ______ a great speed.
  8. The ball fell ______ the lake.
  9. There is a bridge ______ the river.
  10. The conference will be held ______ 10 a.m. ______ 5 p.m.


  1. during
  2. on
  3. since
  4. on
  5. about
  6. by; with
  7. at
  8. into
  9. across
  10. from; to

I. Fill up the blanks using suitable prepositions on your own.

  1. The soldier climbed ________ a horse and rode away.
  2. They have been here ________ a long time.
  3. Kumaravel has lived in this city ________ 2012.
  4. The paper was published ________ an International journal.
  5. When will you return ________ home?
  6. One ________ the four students wrote the answers correctly.
  7. This fruit is ________ the Mexican capital.
  8. The head office is ________ Nungambakkam. It is at College Road. As you go to the station, the office is on the right side.
  9. The sailors were taken ________ the forest and made to walk 10 miles.
  10. The girl standing ________ me was sneezing.


  1. on
  2. for
  3. since
  4. in
  5. back
  6. of
  7. from
  8. at; on; through; at
  9. through for
  10. before


J. Fill in the value rees with the best qualities you like to following life from the given list. Write a few lines about your favorite quality in the box.

7th solution

My favourite quality is Good manners. Good manners fetch a good name for us. If we develop good manners from childhood it will continue till our adulthood. We shall be role models for others when we display good manners.

Creative Writing

K. Fill in the template given for limerick.
There once was a chubby soft Teddy bear (8 syllables)
Whom cute baby had always near (8 syllables)
She played with him (5 syllables)
Even when she swims (5 syllables)
If Teddy’s lost don’t cry baby dear! (8 syllables)

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