24 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Book Back Term 2 Unit 1 Supplementary

6th English Book Back Answers Unit 1: Think to Win

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Standard English Book Back Questions with Answers PDF uploaded and the same is given below. Class sixth candidates and those preparing for TNPSC exams can check the Book Back Answers PDF below. The Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Std English Book Back Answers Term 2 Unit 1 – Think to Win Supplementary Book Back Solutions Guide is given below. Check the complete Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 2 Unit 1 Questions and Answers below:

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Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Book Back for Unit 1 Think to Win Supplementary Question and Answers below:

6th English Unit 1 Think to Win Book Back Questions and Answers:

6th English Book Back Term 2 Unit 1 Supplementary Answers are given below,

6th English Book Back Answer

Term 2 – Supplementary

Unit – 1 Think to Win

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. “Girls you are a good team.”
Which team do the girls belong to?
(a) Badminton
(b) Hockey
(c) Relay
(d) Volleyball
Answer: (c) Relay

2. Spring fields is the name of a ________
(a) team
(b) house
(c) company
(d) school
Answer: (d) school

3. The inter-school sports meet refers to competitions among the _______
(a) teams of the same school
(b) schools in the locality
(c) schools in neighborhood
(d) schools from other districts
Answer: (b) schools in the locality

4. Seema is Rucha’s _______
(a) friend
(b) teammate
(c) younger sister
(d) opponent
Answer: (c) younger sister

5. Order the names of the members in Team B relay event. Shabnum was followed by _______
(a) Neelam, Arana, Rucha
(b) Arana, Rucha ,Neelam
(c) Neelam, Rucha, Arana
(d) Arana, Neelam, Rucha
Answer: (a) Neelam, Aruna, Rucha

B. Answer the Following.

1. How does Rucha differ from her sister?
Rucha was very protective whereas her sister was bold and prone to taking risks.

2. ‘Springfields has a runner and they call her P.T. Usha’. Why did they call her so?
As the runner, runs very fast, like P.T. Usha, they call her so.

3. Describe the qualities of the new PIT. Instructor Mr. Prakash.
Mr. Prakash, the new P.T. Instructor was enthusiastic about the sports. He gave the girls proper training by loving, scolding, correcting, and mostly giving them encouragement. He was an expert in giving them useful directions to win the goal.

4. What words were ringing in Rucha’s ears when she was running in the relay?
When Rucha was running in the relay, her P.T. Sir’s words came to her mind. ‘Think to Win’ were the words ringing in her ears.

5. What did Rucha finally realize about herself?
Rucha finally realized about herself that she could win whenever she chose to.

C. Read the given lines and answer the questions.

1. His voice came from some distance away and, Rucha realized that he was not holding the bicycle anymore. “I will fall! I will fall!” she wailed.

a.) What was she afraid of?
She was afraid of losing her balance and that she may fall down.

b.) Was the boy closely following her?
No, the boy was not closely following her.

2. For the past two weeks he had been teaching her to ride.

a). Who was teaching whom?
Vishnu was teaching Rucha.

b.) What was he teaching?
He was teaching Rucha to ride the bicycle.

3. Even ‘P.T. Usha’ came to shake her hand. “I thought I was fast, but you were simply superb! ” she shook hands with her.

a.) Who does the word ‘you’ refer to?
‘You’ refers to Rucha, the winner.

b.) What quality of the speaker is revealed?
The speaker’s attitude to take her loss sportively and the good heart to praise the opponent’s ability.

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