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05 Dec 2018

TNPSC Group 4 Maths Question and Answer

TNPSC Group 4 Maths Question and Answer PDF:

Aptitude and Mental Ability questions are more important for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam. You will get 25 marks from that Aptitude and Mental Ability portion. Students who are preparing for Group 4 exam concentrate more on the maths part. you will easily score more marks in the Mental Ability part. For students’ benefit, we upload aptitude and mental ability English and Tamil questions and answers in PDF for download. Go through TNPSC Aptitude Shortcuts in order to save your time in the prelim exam. TNPSC aspirants can download and use it for the group 4 exam. kindly download TNPSC Maths PDF given below:


1. Conversion of information to data -collection, compilation and presentation of data ‐ Tables, graphs, diagrams‐Parametric representation of data‐Analytical interpretation of data
2. Simplification
3. Percentage
4. Highest Common Factor (HCF)
5. Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
6. Ratio and Proportion
7. Simple interest, Compound interest
8. Area‐Volume
9. Time and Work
10. Behavioural ability ‐ Basic terms
11. Communications in information technology
12. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
13. Decision making and problem-solving


1. Puzzles
2. Dice
3. Visual Reasoning
4. Alphanumeric Reasoning
5. Number Series Logical Number/Alphabetical/Diagrammatic Sequences


TNPSC aptitude study material in English and Tamil PDF available with question answers. Also, see Aptitude Shortcuts so that you will clear/ slove question answers easily. TNPSC maths question and answers in Tamil and English PDF have given below:

Aptitude and Mental Ability Question & Answers Test 1 – Download
Aptitude and Mental Ability Question & Answers Test 2 – Download
Maths Q & A Set 3 – Download
Maths Q & A Set 4 – Download
TNPSC Aptitude 500 question and answers PDF(English & Tamil) – Download
Blood Relation important questions PDF – Download

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  1. TNPSC Aptitude 500 question and answers PDF(English & Tamil)
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  2. Your intentions are really good sir but it would be better if you provide these questions in English with explainations….so that we could know the unknown answers

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