24 Feb 2022

TNPSC Group 2 General English – Team Work

TNPSC General English Group 2 Part -B Study Materials:

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group 2 or Combined Civil Service Examination II has 3 tier examination for the selection process. For Preliminary Examination is an objective type (Written Examination) with a maximum of 300 marks. TNPSC Group 2 Prelims examination – General English/ General Tamil portion topic has 50% of total marks. Candidates who are preparing for the TNPSC Group 2 General English Part are more important and you can score maximum marks in this part.

The General English portion is of 3 Parts – Part A: Grammar, Part B: Poem, and Part C: Literature. Part B Poem topic study materials PDF are readily available and given below for those who preparing for TNPSC Group 2 Exam.

TNPSC Group 2 General English –Poem Team Work Appreciation and Figure of Speech topic question and answers solutions PDF were given below,

TNPSC Group 2 General English_Figures of Speech_ Team Work


Read the poem and answer the following questions below:

1. What qualities are needed to play a game?
Planning, coordination with your teammates, the true spirit of the team, setting your mind and will on the goal in front of you, fighting for the team, and helping them to score are the qualities needed to play a game.

2. What helps one to win the game?
The spirit of the team helps one to win the game.

3. How is team spirit created?
Team spirit can be created by recognizing the team players, who drive success within any team, treating all of them fairly, trusting them at all times, and creating the right environment for them.

TNPSC Group 2 – Poetry Appreciation Questions:

1. It’s helping your fellow man to score
    When his chances hopeless seem;
It forgetting self till the game is more
    And fighting for the team.

a) What does ‘it’ stand for here?
Ans: It stands for the team spirit here

b) Write the rhyme scheme for the above lines.
Ans: The rhyme scheme used here is abab.

2. They may sound your praise and call you great,
     They may single you out for fame,
     But you must work with your running mate
     Or you’ll never win the game;

a) Who do ‘they’ refer to?
Ans: ‘They’ refers to the people working with the team.

b) Which line talks about team spirit?
Ans: The line that talks about team spirit is “But you must work with your running mate”.

c) Pick out the rhyming words from the given lines.
Ans: The rhyming words: great – mate fame – game.

3. It’s all very well to have courage and skill
    And it’s fine to be counted a star,
    But the single deed with its touch of thrill
    Doesn’t tell the man you are;

a) What is fine to be counted?
Ans: It is fine to be counted as a star.

b) Does your single act tell who you are?
Ans: No, your single act doesn’t tell the man you are.

4. For there’s no lone hand in the game we play
     We must work in a bigger scheme.
     And the thing that counts in the world today
     Is, How do you pull with the team?

a) What is the meaning of the first line?
Ans: The first line means that there can’t be a single man in the game we play.

b) What is the thing that is counted?
Ans: The thing that is counted is how you work with the team.

c. Pick out the rhyming words in the above lines,
Ans: play – today; scheme – team.

3. Oh, never the work of life is done
    By the man with a selfish dream,
    For the battle is lost or the battle is won
    By the spirit of the team.

a) What is responsible for a battle to win or lose?
Ans The spirit of the team is responsible to win or lose a battle.

b.) What happens to a man of selfish dreams?
Ans: His work of life is never done.

4. You may think it fine to bepraised for a skid,
    But a greater thing to do
     Is to set your mind and set your will On the goal that’s just in view.

a.) What is ‘fine’ you think?
Ans: To be praised for skill is fine you think

b.) What does ‘a greater thing’ refer to?
Ans: Setting your mind and will on the goal in view is a greater thing.

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