01 Mar 2022

TNPSC Group 2 General English – Synonym

TNPSC Group 2 General English Part A: Grammar

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group 2 or Combined Civil Service Examination II has 3 tier examination for the selection process. For Preliminary Examination is an objective type (Written Examination) with a maximum of 300 marks. TNPSC Group 2 Prelims examination – General English/ General Tamil portion topic has 50% of total marks. Candidates who are preparing for the TNPSC Group 2 General English Part are more important and you can score maximum marks in this part. Group 2 TNPSC General English Part A -Grammar study materials are provided on this page.

The General English portion is of 3 Parts – Part A: Grammar, Part B: Poem, and Part C: Literature. Part B Poem topic study materials PDF are readily available and given below for those who preparing for TNPSC Group 2 Exam.

TNPSC Group 2 General English – Grammar  Synonym topic question and answers solutions PDF and Study Materials were given below,

Unit 1 – Synonyms Book Back

Choose the suitable synonym of the word in italics.

1. He had taken a little run forward to the brink of the ledge.

a) floor b) edge c) surface    d) nest

2. He felt certain that his wings would never support him.

a) sure b) doubtful c) secure d) happy

3. His father and mother had come around calling to him shrilly.

a) softly b) with low voice c) high pitch sound   d) sadly

4. The son was now ascending the sky blazing warmly on his ledge.

a) bluntly b) dimly c) hoping         d) brightly

5. He had searched every inch, rooting among the rough nest.

a) firm stand b) resting c) sleeping      d) low grip

6. He then trotted back and forth from one end of the ledge to the other.

a) talked b) laughed c) spotted        d) ran

7. After a minute or so he uttered a joyful scream.

a) fell b) laughed c) made          d) jumped

8. When she was just opposite to him, abreast of the ledge she halted.

a) following b) in line with c) far from d) without touching

9. He was soaring gradually.

a) climbing b) falling c) telling         d) laughing

10. He turned his beak sideways and crowed amusedly.

a) sadly  b) slowly  c) fast      d) happily

Unit 2 – Synonyms Book Back

1. Its advent caused my mother to throw a shoe through a window.

a) informed b) affected c) asked           d) compelled

2. I could see the faint shine of plates on the plate-rail.

a) feeble b) bright c) thick            d) big

3. ‘Past!’ I hissed, in the dark, shaking him.

a) kissed b) said c) whispered d) shouted

4. He wanted to go back to bed, I gripped his arm.

a) removed b) advised c) asked           d) grasped

5. Herman rushed to his room and slammed the door.

a) banged b) opened c) broke d) made

6. She picked up the shoe and whammed it through a pane of glass.

a) meant b) threw c) received      d) bought

7. Bodwell was at the window in a minute, shouting frothing little.

a) easing b) talking c) running       d) foaming

8. Police were all over the place; doors were yanked open.

a) jerked b) holed c) gunned        d) slowly

9. He believed that General Meade’s men were beginning to retreat and even desert.

a) tell b) show c) withdraw   d) keep

10. The night had been distinctly a defeat for them.

a) only b) clearly c) merely d) immediately

11. I can see their viewpoint – phony.

a) clearly b) immediately c) slowly         d) deceiving

12. He gazed at me a long time as if I were a slot machine.

a) stared b) shouted c) jumped        d) hated


Unit 3 – Synonyms Book Back

1. Women in India were permitted to go out with an escort.

a) bodyguard b) father c) brother d) husband

2. The real power of women is currently being projected by the advancement of technology

a) past b) always c) presently d) never

3. The real power of women is currently being projected by the advancement of technology.

a) sight b) right c) implement d) progress

4. Tara – Tarini is the patron deity for sailors.

a) person b) supporter c) player          d) powerful

5. After undergoing extensive sea trials, she was commissioned to the Indian Naval Service.

a) distant b) severe c) playful        d) wide-ranging

6. The project is depicting Government of India’s thrust of Nari Shakti.

a) drive b) feeling c) wish d) keeping

7. The expedition collected data for monitoring marine pollution on high sea.

a) water b) river c) sea  d) people

8. How well were you acquainted with the sail boat before you took up the task?

a) accepted b) rejected c) tried d) familiar

9. Training was needed in tactical aspects as well.

a) strategies b) features c) information d) exclusion

10. We spottted a dead sperm whale once.

a) threw b) touched c) jumped        d) noticed

Unit 4  – Synonyms Book Back

1. When I left our ancestral house, it was almost two hundred years old.

a) big b) bungalow c) family         d) small

2. He wished to visit the tea shop of Nagen Uncle, if it existed.

a) be present b) be excited c) be old          d) be good

3. This owner of the tea shop, now over sixty, was a little rustic in appearance.

a) dirty b) trim c) old d) rural

4. With his eyes dilated he began to recite a poem by Tagore – Panraksha.

a) write b) narrate c) show           d) hide

5. He left the place, making the gesture of Namaste with his hands.

a) sign b) uttered c) conduct       d) life

6. It has become essential to do so,’ Aditya replied.

a) involved b) invited c) important  d) pleasure

7. A portion of a wall of the attic had crumbled down.

a) shown b) crushed c) made           d) lifted

8. ‘Of course,’ said the gentleman. ‘The spoilt child of affluent parents!’

a) poor b) fashionable c) good            d) rich

9. Peering intently at Aditya, Sasanka Sanyal Smiled and said, ‘I had recognised you.’

a) looking b) smiling c) jumping      d) running

10. Your grievances are absolutely justified.

a) wonderfully b) lovingly c) coolly d) completely


Unit 5 – Synonyms Book Back

1. Anything which is below a certain threshold can be self-ordered by the appliance.

a) edge b) movement c) talent           d) word

2. If you are struck in a traffic jam just let your kettle, make some tea for you.

a) planned b) observed c) seen d) caught

3. Your entire water and energy management can be taken care by automating all the activities.

a) famous b) complete c) weak           d) strong

4. India’s disabled are deprived by attitudinal barriers.

a) carriage b) work c) blocks         d) simple

5. It’s made a huge difference to me.

a) big b) small       c) decent         d) near

6. He has been using a high-tech communication aid since he was eight years old.

a) device b) tech c) help d) strength

7. He has fixed his gaze on the icon that is required.

a) hand b) look c) close d) fame

8. It is essential that much of his spare time is spent in the performing arts!

a) object b) original c) sudden        d) extra

9. He uses the ECO point Eye Gaze system to access the computer.

a) contact b) enter c) close           d) support       Ans: a)

10. David has recently been selected to travel to Brazil.

a) strongly b) happily c) surely          d) lately

Unit 6 – Synonyms Book Back

1. I started for school very late that morning and was in great dread of a scolding.

a) fear b) expectation           c) thought      d) happiness

2. I had the strength to resist, and hurried off to school.

a) accept b) ask c) listen           d) prevent

3. I had the strength to resist, and hurried off to school.

a) stayed b) rushed c) slowed        d) pulled

4. Usually, when school began, there was a great bustle,

a) calmness b) greatness c) commotion d) movement

5. …… which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison,

a) anger b) irritation c) pain d) harmony

6. The teacher’s great ruler rapping on the table.

a) knocking b) touching c) painting      d) breaking

7. You can imagine how I blushed and how frightened I was.

a) kicked b) gave c) embarrassed          d) embraced

8. When I had got a little over my fright, did I see that our teacher had on his beautiful green coat, his frilled shirt,

a) shoulder b) shock c) happiness    d) friend

9. Besides, the whole school seemed so strange and solemn.

a) carelessness b) events c) commotion d) serious

10. Hauser had brought an old primer,

a) textbook b) picture c) painting      d) newspaper


Unit 7 – Synonyms Book Back

1. I told him I could not stand it anymore and would get a doctor.

a) stay b) wait c) talk d) inform

2. I was horrified for I had not heard about his illness before.

a) shocked b) unhappy c) joyful          d) neglecting

3. He took to bed on Wednesday afternoon and has never moved since

a) carried bed b) broke bed c) stayed in bed         d) moved bed

4. He was indeed a sad sight.

a) doubted b) careful c) strong          d) certainly

5. In the dim light of a foggy November day, the sick-room was a gloomy spot.

a) dark b) bright c) short            d) known

6. But it was the gaunt face staring form the bed that brought chill to my heart.

a) strong b) fat c) lean d) talkative

7. His eyes had the brightness of fever, his cheeks were flushed, and his hand twitched all the time.

a) red-faced b) whitish c) clean           d) dirty

8. His eyes had the brightness of fever, his cheeks were flushed, and his hand twitched all the time.

a) strong b) trembled c) raised d) lowered

9. He lay listless.

a) active b) noisy c) inactive d) deep

10. It is deadly and contagious.

a) controllable  b) calm     c) slight         d) spreadable

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