24 Feb 2022

TNPSC Group 2 General English – Lessons in Life

TNPSC General English Group 2 Part -B Study Materials:

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group 2 or Combined Civil Service Examination II has 3 tier examination for the selection process. For Preliminary Examination is an objective type (Written Examination) with a maximum of 300 marks. TNPSC Group 2 Prelims examination – General English/ General Tamil portion topic has 50% of total marks. Candidates who are preparing for the TNPSC Group 2 General English Part are more important and you can score maximum marks in this part.

The General English portion is of 3 Parts – Part A: Grammar, Part B: Poem, and Part C: Literature. Part B Poem topic study materials PDF are readily available and given below for those who preparing for TNPSC Group 2 Exam.

TNPSC Group 2 General English –Poem Lessons in Life Appreciation and Figure of Speech topic question and answers solutions PDF were given below,
TNPSC Group 2 General English_Figures of Speech_Lessons in Life

Answer the Following questions by reading the poem lines:

1. What is planting a flower is compared to?
Ans: Planting a flower is compared to the blossoming of a friendship.

2. What does the tiniest creature need?
Ans: The tiniest creature needs room.

3. What do the smallest gifts deserve?
Ans: Even the smallest gifts deserve a warm thank you.

4. What will happen if you fail to give importance to others?
Ans: Everything is really important on earth. If we fail to give importance to others, they will forget us. It will make us feel bad in the future.

5. What do you learn from your lessons in life?
Ans: I express my friendship with others by respecting them.

6. Pick and write the rhyming words from the third stanza.
Ans: Sad – bad.

TNPSC Group 2 – Appreciation Questions:

1. Let’s be aware as we walk on this planet Even the tiniest creature needs room.
a) What does ‘this planet’ refer to?
Ans: ‘This planet’ refers to our earth.

b) Who is the speaker?
Ans: The poet is the speaker.

2. Nothing you’re given will ever come free Even the smallest of gifs deserves “thankyou ”
a) Is anything given free to you?
Ans: No, nothing is given free to me.

b) Which one deserves ‘thank you’?
Ans: Even the smallest gifts deserve thank you.

3. “Having a friend is like planting a flower.”

a. What is the figure of speech used in the line?
Ans: The figure of speech used in this line is “simile”.

b. Write a sentence using ‘as fast as the wind’.
Ans: He always runs “as fast as the wind”

c. Write a simile using the word ‘like’.
Ans: He fought ‘like’ a lion in the battle.

d. Create a simile using the word ‘as’.
Ans: Her hair is ‘as black as coal’.

e. What does ‘smart as a fox’ mean?
Ans: It means that ‘looking as foolish outwardly but really very clever.

TNPSC Group 2 – Poetry Figures of Speech Questions:

1. Which of the given options is a Metaphor?
a) Life is like a chocolate box.
b) Raj is like his twin brother
c) His words are pearls of wisdom.
d) The bus is slow as a snail
c) His words are pearls of wisdom

2. What does “The world is a stage” mean?
Ans: The world is a stage is a Metaphor.

3. Identify the metaphor in the sentence:
Ans: Her hai is always a rat’s nest in the morning, rat’s nest – is the metaphor.

4. Write a sentence on your own that includes a Metaphor:
Ans: My mother is the queen of my family.

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