05 Feb 2022

TNPSC General English – Gaia Tells Her Tale

TNPSC General English: Nature centered Literary works – Gaia Tells Her Tale

TNPSC Group 4 General English consists of three parts. Part A: Grammer, Part B: Literature, and Part C: Authors and their Literary Works. In this section, we discuss the third Authors and their Literary Works part. Actually, the Authors and their Literary Works part is easy & students who are preparing for TNPSC Exams can easily score maximum marks in this part. So, we provide the TNPSC General English Study Material – Authors and their Literary Works in an easy way for the TNPSC aspirants.

Look at the Nature-centered Literary works  – Gaia tells her below and also find other Part B Authors and their Literary Works part questions and answers links given below. Complete TNPSC General English study material/ complete notes, question and answers PDF available below for free download.

TNPSC General English Study Materials:

Gaia Tells Her Tale

I’m Gaia, the personification of the primordial mother Earth. I am known by many names in different languages and in different places. The Greeks call me Gaia, the Indians call me Bhoomi Matha and the English call me Earth. I am a huge ball in space spinning at a rapid pace while revolving around the sun. Do you know how old I am? I was a part of the Sun, millions of years ago. Following the big bang that occurred in the cosmos, I fell apart.

In the early years of my life, I was a landmass called Pangea and a big water mass called Panthalassa, which covers two-thirds of my surface. Due to gravity, I am able to hold everything in its place! I am the only life-supporting planet in the universe. Scientists are peering through their telescopes even as I am speaking; checking to see whether there is any other Planet with life in it. Research is still on! In the beginning, when there were just plants growing and animals wandering all over me, life was very peaceful. There existed a natural rhythm that bound the entire species of life. There was peace and there were abundances, assuring the survival of every creature.

Of course, I was very happy when the man arrived. I was proud that a superior creature had come to protect and care for me. He not only admired me but also worshipped me with utmost reverence. Even when your tribe increased, I had no problem because the ecosystem was still well balanced and intact. I have a large heart – large enough to accommodate all of you. However, when you become greedy and under the pretext of development exploited all the natural resources indiscriminately, my trouble began. I am deeply concerned about the way my resources are being ravaged. You do not replenish what you consume.

You all know it is getting hotter by the day and as a result, my glaciers are melting, my forests burning, my rivers drying up and my animals dying. You are indifferent to your own actions. You have also turned a deaf ear to the cry of my creatures. Where have your warmth and your love for Nature disappeared?

You read the newspapers and the journals and watch documentary about environmental pollution. Many of the rarest species have become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction! Who is to be held responsible for this pathetic state of affairs? The ozone gas that acts like a canopy, protecting you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun is depleting. The use of aerosols spray has led to the increase of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) content in the atmosphere and has eroded the ozone layer at the poles. As a result, an expanding hole has been developing in the ozone layer. Many deadly diseases such as cancer are caused due to this damage.

My forests are very important for your survival. The trees bind the soil and preserve it. They bring about rain, filling up lakes, ponds, and rivers. You cut down trees mindlessly to meet your immediate needs. The act of deforestation has reduced the forest area to a considerable extent. The animals which inhabited these forests have been rendered homeless.

How are you planning to address these problems? Do you think that nature will regenerate all by herself? Are you going to turn a blind eye to these dangers? Are you going to surrender to the circumstances in despair?

Don’t you have the wherewithal to bring back the glorious past? Nothing is impossible for you, but the choice is yours. As a mother, it is my duty to warn you of the impending dangers of neglecting me. Even your own scientists concur with my views. How can I put up with the sight of my own children being poisoned and their safety being threatened? You may be careless, but how can a mother be indifferent?

I trust you. You alone can stop this detrition. To begin with, I shall suggest certain measures that you can easily adopt in your everyday life.

Use eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycles and solar cars. Prefer public transport to private conveyance.

Plant saplings to commemorate any celebration.

Choose biodegradable products over synthetic ones.

Maximize the use of natural light. Conserve power by switching off electrical and electronic appliances when not in use.

Do not wastewater. Harvest rainwater. Recycle bathroom water for your kitchen garden.

My dear little children, I love you so much as I loved your parents in the past. That is the reason I’m here, narrating my tale. Also, I remind you of your responsibility of protecting your own sweet home – your only abode in the immense universe! Seek to restore the harmony of the bygone days.

I’m not a mere ball of mud, water, and minerals. I too possess a body and mind, a heart and soul – just like you. It is you who keep me alive. I live in you; I live with you; I live for you!

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