01 Mar 2023


TANCET Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus PDF:

Anna University, Chennai has officially announced the Common Engineering Entrance Test and Admission (CEETA-PG – 2024)on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Candidates are interested in M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. Degree Programmes offered at university departments, and constituent colleges of Anna University can check the official notification and apply till 07-02-2024. Here we uploaded the TANCET Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus, Model Question Paper with answers in PDF, and the Exam Pattern was uploaded and the same is given below. Candidates who took the CEETA-PG Entrance Exam can check the complete ECE syllabus and Exam Pattern along with the question paper below. Check the TANCET ECE Syllabus PDF below:

Important dates of CEETA-PG 2024:

  • Starting date for Online Registration: 10-01-2024
  • Last date for Online Registration: 07-02-2024
  • Downloading of Hall Ticket: 25-02-2024 (Tentative)
  • Date of M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan Exam: 10-03-2024 10 AM to 12 PM (Sunday)

To see and check the complete CEETA-PG Exam 2024 notification and important details, check the link – TN CEETA PG 2024

For those looking for the TANCET ECE Previous Year Question Papers PDF, Check the link – TANCET ECE Question Papers PDF

TANCET ECE Syllabus & Exam Pattern:

TANCET Electronics & Communication Engineering M.E/M. Tech entrance exam consists of three Parts

  • Part I: Engineering Mathematics – (Common to all candidates)
  • Part II: Basic Engineering & Science – (Common to all candidates)
  • Part III: Department Paper

TN CEETA PG Exam Pattern

Check the complete syllabus is updated below:

For the complete TANCET Syllabus 2024 PDF, Check the link – CEETA-PG Electronics & Communication Engg. Syllabus PDF

Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus – M.E/M.Tech:

PART – I Engineering Mathematics (Common to all Candidates)
– Determinants and Matrices:
– Calculus and Differential Equations:
– Vector Calculus:
– Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration:
– Transforms:
– Numerical Methods:
– Applied Probability:

Part – II Basic Engineering & Science – (Common to all candidates)
– Applied Mechanics:
– Mechanical Engineering:
– Physics:
– Material Science:
– Civil Engineering:
– Electrical Engineering:
– Computers:
– Chemistry:

Part – III Electronics & Communication Engineering

Circuit Analysis: DC Circuit analysis, Thevenin’s and Norton’s equivalent circuits, Sinusoidal steady state analysis, Transient and resonance in RLC circuits.

Electronic Devices: Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors, FET, MOSFET, UJT, Thyristor.

Electronic Circuits: Small signal amplifiers using BJT and FET devices, Large signal amplifiers, Power supplies, Feedback amplifiers, Oscillators, Pulse shaping circuits. Digital Electronics: Logic gates, Combinational circuits, Sequential circuits. Linear Integrated Circuits: Operational amplifiers and its applications, PLL, Voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters. Measurements and Instrumentation: Transducers, Digital Instruments, Display and Recording systems. Microprocessor and its applications: Microprocessors-8085 and 8086 architectures and interfaces, Micro-controller and applications.

Electromagnetic Fields: Static Electric and Magnetic fields, Time-varying Electric and Magnetic fields, Maxwell equations. Transmission Lines and Networks: Transmission line equations, impedance matching, Filters. EM waves and waveguides: Guided waves, Rectangular and cylindrical waveguides. Antennas and Propagation: Aperture antennas, arrays, Propagation of radio waves. Microwave Engineering: Microwave tubes, semiconductor devices, Passive components, Microwave measurements.

Communication Theory and Systems: AM, FM and PM, Sampling and Quantization, PCM, DM, ADM, Multiplexing. Digital Communication: Base band signaling, Bandpass signaling, Error control coding, Spread spectrum techniques. Computer Communication Networks: Definition of layers, data link protocols, Network interconnection. Message routing technologies, End-End protocols.

Optical Communication: Optical Fibers, optical transmitters, and receivers.

Signals and Systems: Continuous-time signals and systems-Fourier Transform, Laplace transform, Discrete-time signals and systems-DTFT, DFT, Z-Transform.

Digital Signal Processing: IIR and FIR filters, Realization and implementation, Quantization effects.

Control Systems: Transfer function, Time and frequency response analysis, Stability analysis, state variable analysis

For the complete TANCET Syllabus PDF 2023 Check the link – CEETA-PG ECE Syllabus PDF

For those looking for the TANCET ECE Previous Year Question Papers PDF, Check the link – TANCET ECE Question Papers PDF

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