16 Apr 2018

Sentence Connectors

List of Sentence Connectors in English:

‘Connectors’ are used to link large groups of words: phrases and sentences. You can also use them to connect paragraphs to give them coherence.

And, as well as, but, or, yet, nevertheless, however, so that, as long as, while, until, as if, because, when, after, though, before.

Eg: A boy and a girl
An elephant and a giraffe
A toy or a book
The music was loud nevertheless it was enjoyable.

1. Coordinating conjunctions:
Coordinating conjunctions join together clauses of equal importance.

Use of ‘and’
‘And’ is used as a conjunction when the words or phrases are of equal importance and both conditions exist. Other words that can be used in place of and are: moreover, in addition to, along with, plus, as well as, further more

Eg: Tom and Harry play hockey.
A lion and a fox live in this cave.
We need some gloves and a ball in addition to bats.

Use of ‘but’

The conjunction ‘but’ is used to show a contradiction between two phrases. Let’s say the first phrase leads you to expect a certain event and the second phrase tells you quite a contradictory outcome. In such an event, but, is used.
Other words like: nevertheless, yet, however, can be used in place of ‘but’

Eg: He ran, but he missed the bus.
She studied hard but could not score well in the test.
The hill was very steep but the old man could climb it easily.

Use of ‘Or’
When we need to express a choice between two words or phrases we use ‘or’. Here only one of the two conditions exists.

Would you take a cup of tea or coffee?
Shall we buy a book or a toy?
Sit on the bench or on the grass.

Correlative conjunctions:
Conjunctions used in pairs are correlative conjunctions

Either….. or Either Peter or John has taken the book.
Neither…..nor It is neither hot nor tasty.
Both…..and My sister is both smart and intelligent.
Whether….. or Tell me whether you know the route or not.
Not only….. but also Not only is she stupid but also stubborn.

Compound conjunctions
Compound conjunctions are groups of words that behave like conjunctions.

In order that, on condition that, provided that, as soon as
Conjunction ……… Usage

In order that ……… I bought all the books in order that you may study
On condition that ………The teacher excused him on condition that he would not repeat the mistake.
Even if ……….Sarah would not marry him even if he proposed to her.
So that ……………….I kept away my work so that I could spend time with my daughters
Provided that ………….You can take leave provided that you work overtime later
As though ………..Rex behaves as though he is the boss.
As well as …………Monica as well as veronica was present there
As soon as ………..Mr. Ford plans to pay off his loan as soon as he gets his bonus.
As if …………….It looks as if there is going to be a storm.

Subordinating conjunction
A subordinating conjunction joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning. The chief subordinating conjunctions are after, because, if, that, though, although, till, before, unless.

Eg: I will not go to the market if it rains.
The situation ‘I will not go to the market’ is dependant on the condition ‘if it rains’.
You could go and play after you have done the dishes.
King Midas was unhappy because his daughter turned to gold.
You must dig the earth till you find water.

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