12 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Unit 7 Prose Book Back

9th Book Back English – Unit 7: A Birthday Letter

Samacheer Kalvi 9th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 9 New Syllabus 2021 to 2022 Book Back Solutions/Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 9th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Unit 7 Prose Book Back PDF for Free Download.

Class 9th English Book Back for Unit 7 A Birthday Letter general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Unit 7 A Birthday Letter Book Back:


Unit – 7 A Birthday Letter

A Birthday Letter Warm-Up Intext Questions:

1. Have you ever received a personal letter from your friends or relatives?
Answer: Yes.

2. If yes, from whom and about what?
Answer: I have received letters from my brother who stays in Coimbatore, enquiring about my health and well-being and also about how I spent my summer vacation.

3. Have you ever written a personal letter to anyone?
Answer: Yes, I have.

4. If yes, to whom and about what?
Answer: I have written letters to my cousin who stays in Kerala, enquiring about how she did in her annual examinations.

A Birthday Letter Intext Questions:

1. From which prison did Nehru write this letter?
Answer: Nehru wrote this letter from Naini prison.

2. Did Nehru send any presents to Indira?
Answer: No, he did not send any solid material presents.

3. Which historical character inspired young Indira?
Answer: The historical character Joan of Arc inspired young Indira.

4. What helps ordinary men and women to become heroes?
Answer: History helps ordinary men and women to become heroes.

5. Who is addressed as ‘Bapuji’?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi is addressed as Babuji.

6. What should the soldiers of India respect?
Answer: The soldiers of India should respect India’s honour.

A Birthday Letter Textual Questions:

A. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

1. Why could not Nehru send any presents to Indira?
Answer: As Nehru was in the prison, he could not send any presents to Indira.

2. What cannot be stopped even by the high walls of prisons?
Answer: Mind and spirit cannot be stopped even by the high walls of prisons.

3. Why did Nehru dislike sermonizing?
Answer: Nehru disliked sermonizing because he thought that only talking and discussing is the best way to find what is right or wrong.

4. What does history tell us?
Answer: History tells us the life of nations, of great men and women.

5. What do ordinary men and women usually think of?
Answer: Ordinary men and women usually think of their bread and butter, of their children, of their household worries, and the like.

6. When do ordinary men and women become heroes?
Answer: A time comes when a whole people become interested in a great cause. Then history helps even simple, ordinary men and women to become heroes.

7. What does the phrase ‘great drama’ refer to?
Answer: The phrase ‘great drama’ refers to the activities of the people of India in the great freedom movement under Babuji’s leadership.

8. Why are the freedom fighters under Gandhi not afraid of anything?
Answer: The freedom fighters under Gandhi are not afraid of anything as there is no room for secrecy or hiding.

B. Answer the following in about 80-100 words each.

1. Explain the important elements of Nehru’s letter.
Title: A Birthday letter
Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
Characters: Jawaharlal Nehru and his daughter Indira.
Theme: “As we sow, so we reap”.

Topper’s Paragraph:
Jawaharlal Nehru is in Naini prison. He is unable to send a birthday present to his young daughter Indira who is just 13 years old. Instead of sending a gift, he sends a birthday letter to her. Though he wishes to talk to her, he writes a letter to his daughter. He reminds her of her fascination towards the historical character in the story of Joan of Arc which she has read earlier.

Nehru emphasises the significance of history that can make men and women heroic in their lives. He is of the view that history helps even simple, ordinary people to become heroes. He tells her about the great leaders who can inspire the whole people and make them do great deeds. He also tells the magic of Babuji’s message that has stolen the hearts of millions of Indians. They have made history in the present.

Nehru and Indira are even fortunate to see it and take some part in the great drama. Nehru insists on being courageous. He induces the spirit to respect India’s honour which is a secret trust. He cites Babuji’s leadership that has no secrecy or hiding.

Nehru wants his daughter to the group in the light unafraid, serene, and unruffled. Finally, he tells her o make friends in the light and do nothing secretly. Nehru is quite confident that Indira will grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service.

“Be brave and all the rest follows”.

2. Imagine yourself as Indira and write a reply letter to your father, Nehru for the letter your received on your birthday.

October 31, 1930.

My dear Papa,

Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday gift – a letter – a true gift though not solid or material. Your heartfelt wishes and your words mean a lot to me. Your mind and spirit guide me from wherever you are. Your letter isn’t advice or a sermon, the words are powerful enough to trigger the potential within me to fight for our nation. I understand that Bapuji focuses on truth, courage, fearlessness, openness, hard work, peace, straightforwardness, and non-violence. I shall follow your words and grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service.

With all my love and good wishes,

Your loving daughter,

C. Match the words with the correct Synonym and Antonym from the table.

9th English Book Back Answers


9th English Solutions

D. Identify, whether the following statements are of OPINION or FACT.

1. On your birthday, you have been in the habit of receiving presents and good wishes. (Opinion / Fact)
Answer: Fact

2. I have liked my talks with you. (Opinion / Fact)
Answer: Opinion

3. The best way to find what is wrong and right is by discussing. (Opinion / Fact)
Answer: Fact

4. A letter can hardly take the place of a talk. (Opinion / Fact)
Answer: Opinion

5. For the desire to hide anything means that you are afraid. (Opinion / Fact)
Answer: Fact


E. “listen to the dialogue and answer the following questions.

1. Aadhav and Raghav are ________.
(a) brothers
(b) friends
(c) colleagues
(d) classmates
Answer: (a) brothers

2. The brothers are planning to celebrate their ________wedding anniversary.
(a) uncle’s
(b) parents’
(c) grandparents’
(d) sister’s
Answer: (b) parents

3. The wedding anniversary is on ________.
(a) March 2nd
(b) April 2nd
(c) May 2nd
(d) June 2nd
Answer: (b) April 2nd

4. As part of the celebration, the brothers have planned to make their parents to ________.
(a) visit an orphanage
(b) donate some money
(c) plant a mango sapling
(d) conduct a game
Answer: (c) plant a mango sapling

5. State whether the statement is true or false.
The brothers have decided to borrow money for the wedding anniversary celebration.
Answer: False


F. Answer the following questions based on the given reading passage.

9th English Book Back Answers

1. What is the name of her diary?
Answer: Kitty is the name of her diary.

2. Why did Anne want to exchange the book ‘Camera Obscura’?
Answer: Anne’s sister Margot already has it. So, Anne wanted to exchange it.

3. Who baked the homemade cookies?
Answer: Anne baked the homemade cookies.

4. What game did Anne choose to play?
Answer: Anne chose to play volleyball.

5. Which gift did Anne value the most?
Answer: Anne valued the diary the most.


G. Imagine you are going to celebrate your forthcoming birthday at an orphanage/ bid-age home.
Deliver a short speech about your birthday celebration by using the following hints.

  • The reasons for choosing an orphanage/old-age home.
  • The people who accompany you.
  • The food which you are going to offer them.
  • The useful gifts/articles which you are going to give them.
  • Other events like cake cutting, conducting games, etc.

Good morning everybody. I am going to speak about my birthday celebration this year. On my birthday, we decided to celebrate it in a different way, a day to remember. So we went to Mother Teresa Ashram in T.Nagar, Chennai.

First, my younger sister and I played with the children there. We distributed them ” games materials like a bat, ball, chocolates, etc. My parents decorated the hall with balloons and flowers. Then we celebrated the birthday by cutting a cake. The mother and other sisters of the orphanage gave me blessings. The children presented me with flowers to show their love.

Then, we had lunch with them. We enjoyed it there the whole day. It is our duty to help them. After coming back home, I felt a little sad about the plight of the people there. But I decided to go there and celebrate every year.

Thank you.


H. Write a meaningful paragraph using the hints given below.

Mahesh – celebrates – 14th birthday – an old-age home – family, friends – informs home in advance – delegates tasks – friends buy things necessary – arrives home early – decorates place – balloons, colour papers – inmates gathered – cuts cake – sing-song, claps – distributes cakes – expresses his feelings – gets blessings – offers things – bedsheets, footwear, etc. needed – fun, entertainment – happy and content.
Mahesh celebrated his 14th birthday at an old age home with his family and friends. His parents had informed the home in advance to delegate tasks. His friends bought all the necessary things for the inmates of the old age home. His friends arrived home early, decorated the place with balloons and colour papers. The inmates gathered at the hall and Mahesh cut a cake. Everybody sang the birthday song and clapped happily. Mahesh distributed cakes to all. He expressed his feelings and got their blessings. He offered them things like bedsheets, footwear, etc. There was a lot of fun and entertainment programmes. He was very happy and contented.


A. Choose the Correct Determiner

1. Could you bring me_______tools I left in the garden? (this, those, these)
Answer: Those

2. _______Earth revolves around the sun. (the, a, an)
Answer: The

3. I found _______one rupee coin in the playground while playing, (a, an, the)
Answer: a

4. There aren’t ________students in the library, (much, many, a lot)
Answer: many

5. It was _______unforgettable experience, (a, an, the)
Answer: an

6. I haven’t got ________pictures in my bedroom, (some, any, many)
Answer: any

7. He said that he wanted to become ________engineer, (a, an, the)
Answer: an

8. Kokila gave a pen to ________ child in the classroom on her birthday, (any, all, each)
Answer: each

9. I’ve got to solve math problems before I go to sleep, (all, some, any)
Answer: some

10. India is the largest democracy in the world, (a, an, the)
Answer: the

11. My father doesn’t drink coffee, (much, many, a lot)
Answer: much

12. I always keep ________ money in my wallet for emergencies, (any, every, some)
Answer: some

13. This year we are celebrating my sister’s ________birthday, (a, two, second)
Answer: second

14. I have ________ pencils with me. (a, three, third)
Answer: three

15. ‘What is that noise?’ I think it is ________ airplane, (a, an, the)
Answer: an

B. Observe the following call-outs. Reporter (C) has reported the sentences of Speaker (A). Now, help Reporter (C) report the rest of the sentences of Speaker (A).

9th English Book Back Answers

  1. He said that he won’t go to the party.
  2. She asked when did you come?
  3. She warned you not to touch the wire.
  4. I’ll bring some coffee.
  5. He said that he would bring some coffee for you.
  6. Please sit down.
  7. He requested you to sit down

C. Report the following sentences.

1. Banu said, “Do not spoil the eco-system.”
Banu advised not to spoil the ecosystem.

2. Pranav said, “Have you booked the tickets to Delhi?”
Pranav asked whether I had booked the tickets to Delhi.

3. Rekha said to Tilak, “When are we leaving to our native?”
Rekha asked Tilak when they were leaving to their native.

4. Sujith said, “Ryan, you should get up early in the morning.”
Sujith advised Ryan that he should get up early in the morning.

5. Vivaan said to his mother, “Can you, please, buy me a hot chocolate?”
Vivaan requested his mother to buy him a hot chocolate.

6. “Tomorrow I have to take a test in English”, said Sudan
Sudar said that he had to take a test in English the next day.

7. Pragathi said to her sister, “I need your help to arrange the books in the shelf.”
Pragathi asked her sister’s help to arrange the books in the shelf.

8. “Why don’t you use crayons for colouring?” said Dhilip to his son.
Dhilip suggested his son use crayons for colouring.

D. Write a Diary entry each day for a month and compile them into a book. You may also name your diary as Anne Frank did.

1st February 2018

Dear Kibu,
Being the first day of the month, I went to the temple before going to school. I asked God to be with me, guide, and lead me this month.
I cannot forget the morning assembly. It was about Mother Theresa. The theme was to Help the Needy. Time is fleeting. I must focus in my studies and get good marks. I must aim to be a doctor and help the needy.

2nd February 2018

Dear Kibu,
Today I had the opportunity to go by metro with my mom. The station was spic and span. There weren’t many commuters. Most of them were decent and disciplined. I could not find anyone littering the area. There was orderliness while buying the tickets. The announcements were meticulous. The doors opened and shut automatically. We realized that mobile phones weren’t working inside the station. What amazed me was the time taken to travel even long distances! I doubt anyone would commute to far-off places by buses when metros take us a short time.

3rd February 2018

Dear Kibu,
My exam starts tomorrow and I’m slightly scared. Tomorrow is my first exam. French isn’t tough for me. However, I’m so anxious these days cause I want to get the first mark. Until my Math exam is over, I won’t be able to breathe properly. I have always had a very sound sleep and now I’m sleepless! I am sure I can overcome the stress and do pretty well with systematic studies, meticulous revision, and God’s help.

A Birthday Letter by Jawaharlal Nehru About the Author:

Jawaharlal Nehru (14 November 1889 – 27 May 1964) was the first Prime Minister. He emerged as an eminent leader of the Indian independence movement under the tutelage of Mahatma Gandhi. He served India as Prime Minister from 1947 until his death in 1964. He is considered to be the architect of the modern Indian nation-state: a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. His birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day.

He was a prolific writer in English and wrote a number of books, such as The Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, and his autobiography, Toward Freedom. In 1955, Nehru was awarded Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour by then President Rajendra Prasad.

A Birthday Letter Summary:

The letters written by Nehru from the various prisons in British India to his daughter Indira were published in 1942 as a book called “Glimpses of World History”. It is a collection of 196 letters on World History. This extract is about a letter written by Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira when he was in the Central Prison at Naini. As he was not able to send a gift to Indira on her birthday, he writes to her. Though presents are appreciated, letters can equally be cherished as gifts. Nehru disliked giving sermons or advice because he believed that only by talking and discussing, sometimes a little bit of truth comes out.

The two factors that make ordinary men heroes are full faith in a great cause and love and respect for the nation. Mahatma Gandhi inspired millions of people to fight for freedom. He has helped to make the starving, the poor, and the oppressed free and happy. If we are to be India’s soldiers, we have to respect India’s honour which is a sacred trust. He advises Indira not to do anything in secret or wish to hide anything. She should always stand bold and be brave always. Only then, she will grow up to be a child of the light, unafraid, calm, and peaceful. He concludes finally by wishing her to grow up into a brave soldier in India’s service.

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