17 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 3 Prose Book Back

8th Book Back English – Unit 3: Sir Issac Newton – The Ingenious Scientist

Samacheer Kalvi 8th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 8 New Syllabus 2021 to 2022 Book Back Solutions/Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 8th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 3 Prose Book Back PDF for Free Download.

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Book Back for Unit 3 Sir Issac Newton – The Ingenious Scientist general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Unit 3 Sir Issac Newton – The Ingenious Scientist Book Back:


Unit – 3 Sir Issac Newton – The Ingenious Scientist

Section – I

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. Isaac Newton was born at ……………
Ans: – Woolsthorpe

2. Grandmother was advised to apprentice him to a ……………
Ans: – clockmaker

3. Isaac made a clock, by the dropping of ……………
Ans: – water

4. The sun-dial made by Isaac is still in existence at ……………
Ans: – Woolsthorpe

5. Isaac constructed a model of the …………….
Ans: – windmill

B. Choose the correct synonyms for the italicized words.

1. Isaac was chiefly remarkable for his ingenuity.
a) common
b) notable
c) neglected
d) unknown

2. He will make a capital workman.
a) wealth
b) excellent
c) profitable
d) head

3. Nobody could tell what the sunshine was composed of.
a) made
b) known
c) full
d) felt

4. But he cared little for earthly fame and honors.
a) disrespect
b) attraction
c) proud
d) popularity

Section – II

A. Choose the correct Synonyms for the italicized word.

1. His Grandmother was very kind to him.
a) affectionate
b) loving
c) disrespectful
d) cruel.

2. The boy seemed to have a taste for mathematics.
a) delicious
b) sweet
c) dislike
d) against

3. Isaac possessed a wonderful faculty of acquiring knowledge.
a) owned
b) controlled
c) lacks
d) have

4. He was observed to be usually busy with his tools.
a) common
b) rarely
c) unwantedly
d) usually

B. Answer the following questions in one or two.

1. Who was taking care of Newton after his father’s death?
His grandmother was taking care of Newton after his father’s death.

2. What did Isaac manufacture at his young age?
Issac manufactured many curious articles at a young age.

3. How did the young boy find the strength of the wind?
The young boy found the strength of the wind by first jumping against the wind. According to the length of his jump, he could calculate the force of a gentle breeze, a brisk gale or a tempest.

4. Why were his friends attracted by the windmill?
The playmates of Newton were attracted by the model of windmill. They thought it to be pretty and wonderful.

5. How was Newton honored by the king?
Newton was made a Member of the Parliament and received the honour of knighthood from the king.

C. Answer the following in about 100 words.

1. Why did Newton’s friends advise his grandmother to apprentice him to a clockmaker?
Issac seemed to have taste for mathematics besides his mechanical skills. His taste for Maths would be useful to him in clock making. Issac made a kind of clock which would work by the dropping of water. Besides the water clock, Issac made a sun-dial. The sundial is said to be in still in existence at Woolsthorpe, on the comer of the house where Issac dwelt.

2. How did Newton learn about the way a windmill operated?
Newton frequently went to the windmill that operated on a new plan. He spent hours examining the various parts of the windmill. When the mill was not working, he examined its internal machinery. When the windmill’s broad sails were in motion by the wind, Newton examined the process by which the mill-stones revolved and crushed the grains, put into its hopper. Thus Newton gained a thorough knowledge of the construction and operation of the windmill.

3. Mention some of Newton’s inventions.
Reflecting telescope, laws of motion, law of gravity are the famous inventions of Sir Issac Newton. He also discovered Calculus. He was the first one to find out the nature of light. He searched out the laws by which the planets are guided through the sky.


Prefix and Suffix

a. Underline the prefix in each word in the boxes:
8th english book back questions with answer


rewrite dislike unsafe remix relocate
distrust untrue unhook unlucky disown


b. Pick a suitable Prefix and suffix from the given box and complete the following words:

able, ful, ly, sub, ion, un, tri, re, im, mis

8th english book back questions with answer


8th englsih book back questions with answer


Syllabify the words:

  1. education     – 4 Syllables
  2. school            – 1 Syllable
  3. college           – 2 Syllables
  4. English          – 2 Syllables
  5. opportunity  – 4 Syllables
  6. friend             – 1 Syllable
  7. teacher          – 2 Syllables
  8. simultaneously – 6 Syllables
  9. laboratory          – 4 Syllables
  10. beneficiary        – 5 Syllables


a) Fill in the blanks by using correct preposition.

1. We go to school ____ Mondays, but not on Sunday
Ans: – on

2. Christmas falls ____ 25th December.
Ans: – on

3. Buy me a present ____ my birthday.
Ans: – on

4. Families often argue ____ Christmas time.
Ans: – in

5. I work faster ____ night.
Ans: – at

6. Her shift finished ____ 7 p.m.
Ans: – at


I. Use polite request when we seek help from others.

a) Fill in the blanks using would you or could you.

1. ……………. please close the door?
Ans: – Could you

2. ……………. please open the window?
Ans: – Could you

3. ……………. mind going to the backbench?
Ans: – Would you

4. ……………. please bring some water for me?
Ans: – Could you

b) Use the phrases could you or would you in the following situations with your friend.

1. Ask the policeman for directions.
Could you direct me to the temple?

2. You need to borrow your friend’s bike.
Could yo lend me your bike?

3. You would need to exchange the book purchased.
Would you mind my exchanging the book purchased?

4. You want to open your classroom window.
Would you mind opening the classroom window?

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