24 May 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Book Back Term 2 Unit 2 Prose

6th English Book Back Questions & Answers Unit 2: Trip to Ooty

Samacheer Kalvi 6th Standard English Book Back Questions with Answers PDF uploaded and the same is given below. Class sixth candidates and those preparing for TNPSC exams can check the Book Back Grammer Answers PDF below. The Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Std English Book Back Answers Term 2 Unit 2 – Trip to Ooty Prose Solutions Guide is given below. Check the complete Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term 2 Unit 2 Prose Questions and Answers below:

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Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Term II Book Back for Unit 2 Trip to Ooty general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

6th English Term II Unit 2 – Trip to Ooty Book Back Questions and Answers:

TN Class 6th English Book Back Term 2 Unit 2 Prose Answers are given below,

6th English Book Back Answer

Term 2 – Prose

Unit – 2 Trip to Ooty

Read and Understand:

A. Choose the most appropriate option:

1. Merlin was thrilled when the school arranged the trip because _______
(a) Geetha madam arranged the trip
(b) She had heard about the beautiful journey by the toy train
(c) She wanted to visit Ooty
(d) She loved to go with her friends
Answer: (b) She had heard about the beautiful journey by the toy train

2. The teacher asked the children to take their seats because.
(a) the children had to take their breakfast
(b) she wanted to check whether all the children were present
(c) the train was about to move
(d) the train was about to stop
Answer: (c) the train was about to move

3. Geetha madam couldn’t stop the children from running out of the train because they _______
(a) wanted to relax themselves
(b) wanted to see what had happened
(c) were getting bored sitting inside the train
(d) wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature
Answer: (b) wanted to see what had happened

4. The people were making all kinds of sounds because _______
(a) they wanted to move the baby elephant out of the track
(b) they were afraid
(c) they were confused
(d) someone stopped the train
Answer. (a) they wanted to move the baby elephant out of the track

5. We do not really see the landscape from a normal train because the _______
(a) train travels along the city
(b) train never passes through such places
(c) windows are closed
(d) train travels too fast
Answer: (b) train never passes through such places

B. Recall Merlin’s memories and complete the story map.

samacheer kalvi 6th Book Answers


6th English Book back Solution

C Narratette The story-based entire story map.
Merlin’s class teacher arranged a trip to Ooty. Merlin was so excited when she stepped into the toy train. The train moved with a jerk. As it moved, they saw monkeys racing along the tracks. A monkey tried to snatch a banana from a girl. She let out a scream and moved back. The train stopped suddenly because there was a baby elephant on the track. It was a memorable trip for everyone. Muthu, one of the boys, acted wisely by getting the baby elephant off the track. All were excited about this trip to Ooty.

D. Write the story in your own words.
Merlin writes a letter to Malli about her trip to Ooty with her friends. Their class teacher Mrs. Geetha arranged this trip. Merlin was so excited when she stepped into the toy train. The train moved slowly allowing the children to have a glimpse of, the beautiful landscape. One of the boys, Muthu wanted to walk along the side of the train. But his teacher scolded him to get back to his seat. The scene outside was beautiful with the purple-blue mountains forming a lovely backdrop to the green fields and tea estates. There were monkeys racing along the tracks.

One of the monkeys tried to snatch a banana from a girl. She let out a scream and moved back. Suddenly the train stopped. Everyone got down to see what happened. There was a baby elephant sitting on the track. Everyone tried to persuade the baby off the track with the bunch of bananas. But it was no use. Muthu acted wisely with a presence of mind. He took a bunch of bananas near the baby elephant. As it moved forward to eat the bananas, Muthu moved backward. He kept doing this, till the baby was on the side of the tracks. Everyone got on the train and the train started to move.

Merlin ended the letter saying that it was a fantastic trip. It was enchanting to hear the sound around them. The whole group was so excited about this trip.


E. Complete the words by reading their meaning:

s_e_ta_u_ar – eye-catching
_x_i_e_ – thrilled
d_l_c_ _ _s – tasty
s _re_ _ – shout
f_i_h_e_ _d – afraid


F. Now, try splitting these words into syllables.

Snatch (one syllable)
Thud (one syllable)


G. Listen to your teacher reading a passage on Udhagamandalam – the Queen of Hill Stations. Tick the appropriate answer.

1. Udhagamandalam is located in the Western Ghats zone at an altitude of _______
(a) 2045 m
(b) 2240 m
(c) 2234 m
(d) 2040 m
Answer: (b) 2240 m

2. Centuries ago Udhagamandalam was called _______
(a) Ooty
(b) Otacamund
(c) Oththai-Kal Mandu
(d) Mund
Answer: (c) Oththai-Kal Mandu

3. The maximum summer temperature of Udhagamandalam is _______
(a) 10°c
(b) 21°
(c) 5°c
(d) 20°c
Answer: 25°c

4. Udhagamandalam was inhibited by tribals called _______
(a) Toda
(b) Irula
(c) Mund
(d) Britons
Answer: (a) Toda

5. Ooty was the Summer Capital of the _______ during the British Rule.
(a) British
(b) Todas
(c) Tourists
(d) Madras Presidency
Answer: (d) Madras Presidency


H. Travelling can help a person to understand and appreciate different places. Discuss in groups and talk about the places you have visited recently. Present your experiences to the class.
I visited Thanjavur and Madurai with the members of my family. We went to these places to have the Darshans of Lord Siva and Goddess Meenakshi. The great Brihadeeswarar temple was in Thanjavur and Meenakshi Amman temple was in Madurai. It was such a wonderful trip, I have ever been with my family members. The Brihadeeswarar temple was so great to view with Chola King’s arts and sculptures. It is more than 1000 years old, as it was built in the eleventh century. The main temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is carved out of a single granite stone.

The temple tower is 66 metres high. Facing the temple is a big statue of Nandhi. We left this place with great memories and a promise of visiting again. Next, we went to Madhurai, where we saw Goddess Meenakshi. Madurai was once the home for all Tamil Sangams. This temple has five entrances, four Rajagopurams, five towers out of which two are golden towers. After two days, with a lot of satisfaction and devotion, we started back to our destination.

I. Look at the picture of a village festival carefully. Talk about the activities that are going on by using the hints given in the help box.

About the place and the people – what is happening: what do the children and the adults do? – kind of shops – performances
Village Festival
This is a village festival where there is a lot of bustling going around. There is a temple close by. The people are going to the temple and fulfilling their rites. There are loudspeakers, from which holy songs are being heard to the public. There are many vendors on the way to the temple. There are people selling fruits, sweets, ice creams, garlands, coconuts, balloons, and clothes. Some people are pulling a chariot carrying a God or a Goddess. We can see some girls dancing and others are playing some instruments in front of the chariot.

Everyone is enthusiastic and they are engaged in various activities. Children are enjoying buying ice-creams and playing on their way to the temple. This scenery is a busy place for various activities.


J. Read the sentences given below. Does the action happen every day or is it happening at this moment?


1. Deepa waters the plants every morning. Every day
2. A triangle has three sides. Every day
3. Sandhya is writing a letter. At this moment
4. The children are playing in the garden. At this moment
5. I go to school regularly. Every day

K. Read the sentences given below and circle the verbs appropriately,

  1. Children like/likes ice-creams.
  2. Birds are flying/are flying in the sky.
  3. The doctor is treating/ are treating the patient.
  4. Our school is commencing/commences at 9.00 in the morning.
  5. The florist sell/sells flowers on the street.

6th English Book Back

L. Vimala and Srinath have met after a long time. Read the conversation given below and complete the dialogue. Role-play the situation with your own words.
Vimala: Hello Srinath, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Where are you rushing off?
Srinath: I am hurrying to the hospital.
Vimala: Why are you going to the hospital? Are you ill?
Srinath: No, I am going to see my friend.
Vimala: Oh! What happened to him?
Srinath: He met with an accident. But he is out of danger.
Vimala: Are you free tomorrow?
Srinath: Yes, I am free.
Vimala: You are in a hurry, meet you tomorrow. Take care.
Srinath: Ok! Bye.

M. Sinduja is getting ready to sleep. She starts writing her diary. Help her complete it by using the verbs given in brackets.
(start to eat have finished go reach)

  1. I got up at 7’0 clock.
  2. I _______ breakfast.
  3. I _______ to the office by car.
  4. I _______ to work.
  5. I _______ lunch at _______
  6. I _______ my task at 7 p.m.
  7. I _______ home at 8 p.m.


  1. 1. I got up at 7’0 clock.
  2. ate
  3. went
  4. started
  5. had; 1.00 p.m.
  6. finished
  7. reached

N. Read the sentences carefully and fill in the blanks with a suitable tense form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. The doorbell rang, while I _______ (do) my homework.
  2. We saw an elephant, while we _______ (go) on a trip to Ooty.
  3. Mary fell asleep while she ________ (read) a book.
  4. The television was on but nobody _______ (watch) it.
  5. Baskaran hurt his hand while he _______ (cut) mangoes.


  1. was doing
  2. were going
  3. was reading
  4. was watching
  5. was cutting


O. Read the informal letter given below and write a reply to Mangai.
Informal Letter

Sender’s Address:
20, Arcot Road,
Chennai – 600 026.
15th July 2018.

Salutation: Dear Mangai,

Body of the letter:

How are you? I am fine. I received your letter yesterday. I am very pleased to know about your new home. Have you joined your new school? How is the atmosphere over there? I miss you a lot. Happy to know that Sundar likes animals like us. He would be a good friend to you. Convey my regards to him. Send me the story, you are writing about Ooty. I would like to read it. Convey my regards to your parents. I am looking forward to reading your story in your next letter.

Subscription: Yours lovingly,
Signature: Rosy.

Creative Writing:

P. The Pooja holidays are about to start. Prasanth and Deepak are friends. Both their families have planned to go on a trip to Munnar. Develop a conversation on how they plan for their trip.
Prashanth: Hai, Deepak, how did you write your exams?
Deepak: I wrote extremely well. What about you?
Prashanth: Yes. I too wrote well. From tomorrow, our Pooja holidays begin. Let us go with our family members to Munnar. We are already planning on it.
Deepak: Yes, Prashanth. I’ll talk to my parents about the trip. We can stay for a week there.
Prashanth: Yes, we have to see a lot of places. We can go by a Van there.
Deepak: Yes, the Van can fit all of us. Which is the shortest route from Chennai?
Prashanth: We can take GST road NH 38. It will take around 10 to 11 hours and we can stay in the Hotel Munnar Central. It is quite comfortable.
Deepak: OK! What are the tourist spots to be visited?
Prashanth: Kalari Kshethra, Anamudi Peak, Tea Gardens, Lock Heart Gap, Kundala Dam Lake, National Parks, and Chinnakanal Waterfalls.
Deepak: Wonderful! Let’s pack all the things we need for the tour.
Prashanth: Yes, We have to take with us cotton outfits, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, blankets, and sweaters.
Deepak: Ok! Prashanth. I’ll give the information to my parents and I’ll ask them to talk to your parents about this trip. Bye!

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