12 Apr 2022

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Unit 2 Prose Book Back

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English – Unit 2: The Night the Ghost Got in Book Back

Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. TN Class 10 New Syllabus 2022 Book Back Solutions Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th Std English Book Portion consists of 7 Prose, 7 Poems, and 7 Supplementary Units. All 7 Units of English Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question & Answers Solutions Guide PDF are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Unit 2 Prose Book Back Answers PDF for free download.

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Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Book Back for Unit 2 The Night the Ghost Got In general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English – Unit 2: The Night the Ghost Got In Book Back

I. Complete the given tabular column with the suitable plural forms:

Chair – chairs
Box – boxes
Eskimo – Eskimos
Lady – ladies
Radius – radii
Formula – formulae
Deer – deer
Loaf – loaves
Hero – heroes

II. State whether the following statements are true or false:

1. The narrator searched for three days to buy ceramic paint. Ans: False
2. The author was going to New York. Ans: True
3. Gilson asked the narrator to buy a tie. Ans: True
4. The taxi driver took away the narrator’s suitcase. Ans: False
5. Departure was delayed because of the author. Ans: True
6. The author left the ties in the taxi. Ans: True

III. Nagarajan and Danalakshmi want to buy a new house. They have come to see a house for sale. Complete the conversation below by adding a, an, or the.

Nagarajan: Well, here we are, No.8, Kaveri Street. I think this is ____ house we saw online. What do you think of _____ location? (the, the)
Dhanalakshmi: It is in _____ nice neighborhood. And it’s close to the railway station. (a)
Nagarajan: And _____ bus stop is not too far away. (the )
Dhanalakshmi: How many rooms are three?
Nagarajan: There are three rooms,____ kitchen, and ____ balcony. (a,a)
Dhanalakshmi: There is ____ lawn behind ___ house, right? (a, the)
Nagarajan: That’s right __ lawn is actually quite large. Did you see any photos of
______ living room, online? What does it look like? (the)
Dhanalakshmi: The living room looks great. It look great. It looks bright and airy. It has ___  nice view of ____ hills. But kitchen looks ____ little small. (a, the, the, a)
Nagarajan: And, I remember you said there isn’t _____ store room, right? (a)
Dhanalakshmi: No, but there is ___ attic, where we can store things. (an)
Nagarajan: I hope this house is ____ better option. (a)
Dhanalashkmi: Let’s wait for ____ real estate agent. She said, she would be here at three o’clock. (the)
Nagarajan: Look there she is!

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