09 Jan 2018

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability:

Quantitative Ability tests the ability of a candidate to handle numerical data and solve numerical problems. Quantitative Ability section tests your ability to analyse and understand the problem rather than cramming. As the nature of every problem is different, it requires application of the mind and knowledge of the tricks, formulas, process of solving teach problem.

1. Don’t fear numbers
The first step to improve your quantitative aptitude is to make friends with numbers.This section requires you to be comfortable with numbers and solve the questions, including numbers and statistics in the shortest time possible.

2. Accuracy
Accuracy becomes an important aspect of solving this section. There is always a chance for errors in this section, and a single error can either make you lose out on precious marksor consume a lot of your time, both of which can harm your chances of doing well.

3. Practice
There is no better way to improve your chances in the Quantitative Ability section than to practice and solve as many questions of as many types as you can.Accuracy, which is essential for this section can be developed only with practice.

4. Time allocation
The time you allot to each question has a bearing on the number of questions you manage to complete. Complex questions may require more time while the simple ones should be rushed up quickly, without compromising on the accuracy.

5. Conceptual clarity
Mathematics is driven by concepts and to improve your performance in this section, clarity of concepts is essential. People who learn these concepts will feel jittery while doing this section, whereas people who have conceptual understanding will ace through this section.

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    1. HI Kishore,
      Thanks for your comment. Need to cover 11th and 12th books also for Group 4 Exam and also concentrate on Current affairs part. If you score more question in Current Affairs you will easily clear the group 4 Exam.

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