25 Jun 2018

Physics Study Materials for NEET Exam

NEET Study Material: 

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, more commonly known as NEET, is the only medical entrance exam in India (apart from JIPMER and AIIMS). It is highly competitive as almost 10 lakh students appear for this exam for around 1 lakh seats. In this article, we will provide you with NEET Study Material – NEET notes for every chapter and NEET practice questions for  NEET – Physics Study Materials for NEET Exam.

Chapter Wise Weightage for NEET Physics 2019:

The Physics Section carries a weightage of 25% ie 45 question from 180 question will be from Physics. Physics is generally considered the toughest of all the 3 subjects. Keeping this in mind, we analyzed the question papers of previous 3 years to get a weight-age, backed by data. In the previous two articles, we discussed chapter wise weightage for NEET 2018 Biology & Chemistry. Click here for NEET Physics Exam Tips.

We have divided all the chapters of Physics into 5 units as given below:

  1. Mechanics (Class XI)
  2. Heat & Thermodynamics (Class XI)
  3. Electrostatics & Magnetism (Class XII)
  4. Current Electricity & EMI (Class XII)
  5. Optics & Modern Physics (Class XII)

The Weight- age of these units is given below:

Topics Previous  3 Years Weightage Mark
Mechanics 37
Heat & Thermodynamics 13
Electrostatics & Magnetism 16
Current Electricity & EMI 15
Optics & Modern Physics 19

NEET Physics 11th and 12th Notes PDF Download:

  • NCERT Physics 11th Standard Notes PDF Part 1 – Download PDF
  • NCERT Physics 11th Standard Notes PDF Part 2 – Download PDF
  • NCERT Physics 12th Standard Notes PDF Part 1 – Download PDF
  • NCERT Physics 12th Standard Notes PDF Part 2 – Download PDF

NEET Physics Subject Important Notes Pdf – Free download Below: 


Heat & Thermodynamics:


Modern Physics:


SHM & Waves:


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