14 Dec 2018

How to Crack NEET 2019

How to prepare for NEET 2019:

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study graduate and postgraduate medical course (MBBS, MD, MS) and dental course (BDS, MDS) in government or private medical colleges and dental colleges respectively in India. More than 11lakh students appeared in the NEET exam last year and the number of students expected this year. Here are some Do’s, Dont’s, Tips, Tricks and how to crack neet 2019 are given below:

1. Prepare for NEET as per the syllabus:

Before you prepare for NEET, you should gather complete information related to the syllabus. You can then compare the exam syllabus with the board syllabus and plan your study time accordingly. This would give you some extra hours to concentrate on your syllabus which is not covered in the board syllabus. However, do not waste your time on topics that are not included in the syllabus.

2. Prepare a proper study Schedule:

Students should have a good study schedule that is to be followed for the NEET Preparation. Plan your schedule in such a way that there are no long hours of study. Include frequent intervals between study hours so that your mind is not blocked. Once you follow a schedule, it would make it easier to maintain your time and cover the entire syllabus.

3. Learn the fundamentals: 

If a student needs to score more than 650+ marks in the examination, they need to focus on fundamentals rather than gulping down the whole subject at once. Learning fundamentals will literally help you to solve some of the challenging questions asked in the examination. The concepts behind this fundamentals are quite important.

How to crack NEET 2019

4. Select a perfect set of study materials: 

An important element that constitutes an important part & parcel of life. Selecting the right study materials is a must. Similarly, an expert and well-framed study materials in your NEET is a must as it will help you to improve your understanding level of a particular concept. The right study materials can help you to reach towards your goal in achieving a success at NEET examination. A perfect study material will help you to prepare well for your examination.

5. Refer NCERT textbooks: 

NEET portion is just like vast as an ocean, you need to inculcate regularly study habits, but before that, you need to start with the most reliable study materials. NCERT textbook solution is the one that gives a detailed insight into the students, it is beneficial as it focusses on an individual concept and explains it in detail.

6. Prioritize and Work a bit extra on your weaker areas:

As a candidate preparing for NEET, you should focus more on weak topics. Do not avoid the weaker areas as it might weaken your preparation. Try to prioritize the topics according to the importance and the level of your merit. The sooner you start preparing the better it is, as it would give you ample time to revise the weaker topics and prepare.

7. Solve Mock Test Papers: 

The major reason is NEET examination is quite difficult to clear, as it involves some of the challenging concepts. The perfect time management is important as it is one of the important mandatory skills required if you need to score well in the examination. Solving NEET mock papers will help you to understand the syllabus, topics, question bank and paper pattern. The Mock test papers help you to build the right amount of confidence in you.

8. Keep in mind there are negative markings: 

One of the major mistake students make is they try to forget that there are negative markings. Hence, they try to solve full question paper while the fact they even attempt those question which they are not sure of, due to which they lose marks. A student of NEET needs to keep in mind that there is negative marking so they need to attempt only those question in which they have full tenacity and confidence that it will be right.

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