Government Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu

13 May 2024

Government Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Government Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu: Pillars of Technical Education

Tamil Nadu, a state renowned for its rich educational heritage, is home to some of India’s most prestigious government engineering colleges. These institutions not only offer quality education but also serve as beacons of knowledge, guiding the future engineers of the country. The government engineering colleges in TN are more than just places of learning; they are the nurturing grounds for the next generation of engineers. A list of Government Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu is given below:

List of Tamilnadu Government Engineering Colleges:

Government Engg. Colleges in Tamilnadu are listed below with the College name,  College code, Location, and address of the institution. check the list below.

Engineering College Name & College code Place Website
1. Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology (1516), Bagayam, Vellore District 632002. Vellore
2. Government College of Technology (Autonomous) (2005), Thadagam Road, Coimbatore District 641013. Coimbatore
3. Government College of Engineering (2369), Chettikkarai Post, Dharmapuri District 635704. Dharmapuri
4. Government College of Engineering (2603), Bargur (Autonomous), Krishnagiri District 635104. Krishnagiri
5. Government College of Engineering (Autonomous) (2615), Karuppur, Salem District 636011. Salem
6. Government College of Engineering (2709), Erode District 638 316 Erode
7. Government College of Engineering (3464), Gandarvakottai Road, Sengipatti, Thanjavur District 613402. Thanjavur
8. Government College of Engineering (3465), Srirangam, Sethurappatti, Trichy District 620012. Thiruchirapalli
9. Government College of Engineering (4974), Tirunelveli District 627007. Tirunelveli
10. Government College of Engineering (5009), Melachokkanathapuram, Bodinayakkanur, Theni District 625582. Theni
11. Alagappa Chettair Government College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) (5901), Karaikudi, Sivagangai District 630004. Sivagangai

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