16 Apr 2018

IBPS PO Fill in the blanks Questions with Answers

IBPS PO Fill in the blanks Questions with Answers

IBPS PO Fill in the blanks Questions with Answers PDF Download- For any competitive exam, huge number of students are scared of English language as a subject. Well, it’s never too late to start preparing for anything you are scared of instead of sitting back idle. A crucial topic in English language is fill in the blanks. Fill in the blanks can be a mark fetching topic if you are aware of the right tactic to solve it.

Let us take a look at a short guide on how to solve fill in the blanks questions in IBPS PO

STEP 1: Try to read the sentence of the carefully single/ multiple times. This will enable you to fill in the blanks without even looking at the options.

STEP 2: Check which word from the options replaces/ fits well in the place of the word which you have thought of.

STEP 3: After you have chosen the word for the blank, read the sentence again & again to check if it fits in well. Make sure that the word which you have inserted in the blank enables you to read the sentence smoothly and correctly

STEP 4: Read the sentence one last time to ensure if the grammar of the sentence is correct. It is equally important that the sentence should make sense.

Fill the blanks Tips:

  • Before filling the blanks, you must read the sentence carefully as you may get the idea of the right fit at first go.
  • Try to fill in the blanks without the help of the options given. Use options which you could think of when you read the sentence.
  • Inculcate a habit of re- reading the sentence after you choose a word for the blank. If not found appropriate, replace it with more meaningful and close alternative.
  • Cross check the grammar and syntax of the sentence.

To- Do- List to solve Fill in the Blanks questions

  1. Build a strong vocabulary.
  2. Read between the lines.
  3. Learn sentence formation and read sentence structure.
  4. Learn new phrases and idioms everyday
  5. Find meanings of sentences.
  6. Practice more and more questions.


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