CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2024

16 Dec 2023

CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2024

CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2024: Exam Dates, Timings and Tips

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the date sheet for the Class 12 board exams 2024 on its official website The exams will begin on February 15, 2024, and end on March 13, 2024. The date sheet contains important information such as exam dates, subject names, timings, and exam-related instructions. Students can download the date sheet in PDF format from the CBSE website and the same link given below:

 Click here to download the complete Data Sheet Class 12 PDF РDownload

CBSE Class 12 Exam Schedule 2024:

The CBSE Class 12 exams 2024 will be conducted in the morning shift from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM and 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The duration of each exam will vary depending on the subject. The first exam will be Entrepreneurship for the morning shift and Biotechnology for the afternoon shift. The last exam will be Physical Education for the morning shift and Home Science for the afternoon shift. The complete exam schedule is given below:

The Board Exam Time Table has released the CBSE 12th date sheet 2024

Exam date Subjects
February 15 Entrepreneurship
February 16 Biotechnology, knowledge tradition and practices of India, electronics technology, shorthand (English), shorthand (Hindi), food nutrition and dietetics, banking, early childhood care and education
February 17 Dance, engineering physics, data science
February 19 Hindi elective, Hindi core
February 20 Food production, office procedures and practices, design, electronics and hardware
February 21 Cost accounting, automotive, healthcare, Hindustani music
February 22 English elective, English core
February 23 Retail, agriculture, multimedia
February 24 Typography and computer application
February 26 Taxation, artificial intelligence
February 27 Chemistry
February 28 Beauty and wellness, medical diagnostics
February 29 Geography
March 1 Yoga
March 4 Physics
March 5 Hindustani music vocal
March 6 Painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art
March 7 Legal studies, textile design
March 9 Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
March 11 Fashion studies
March 12 Physical education
March 14 Languages
March 15 Psychology
March 16 Agriculture, Marketing
March 18 Economics
March 20 Tourism, salesmanship
March 22 Political science
March 23 Accountancy
March 26 Mass media
March 27 Business studies
March 28 Home Science
March 30 Sanskrit
April 1 Sociology
April 2 Informatics practices, CS, IT

CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2024 for Science

Check the CBSE 12th date sheet 2024 Science below:

Date Subject
16-02-2024 Biotechnology
22-02-2024 English elective, English core
27-02-2024 Chemistry
04-02-2024 Physics
09-02-2024 Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
19-02-2024 Biology

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2024 Commerce

Date Subject
22-02-2024 English elective, English core
09-03-2024 Mathematics, Applied mathematics
18-03-2024 Economics
23-03-2024 Accountancy
27-03-2024 Business studies, business administration
02-04-2024 Informatics Practices, computer science

CBSE Class 12 Exam Tips 2024:

The CBSE Class 12 exams 2024 are a crucial milestone for the students, as they will determine their future academic and career prospects. Therefore, it is important to prepare well and perform well in the exams. Here are some tips to help the students ace the exams:

  • Plan your study schedule according to the date sheet and the syllabus. Allocate sufficient time for each subject and topic, and revise them regularly.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers and sample papers to get familiar with the exam pattern, marking scheme, and difficulty level. Solve them in a timed manner and check your answers with the solutions.
  • Focus on the concepts and the application of the concepts, rather than memorizing the facts. Understand the logic and the reasoning behind the answers, and try to explain them in your own words.
  • Revise the important formulas, definitions, diagrams, charts, and tables. Make notes of them and keep them handy for quick revision.
  • Take care of your health and well-being. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Avoid stress and anxiety, and stay positive and confident.
  • Follow the exam instructions carefully. Read the question paper thoroughly and attempt the questions in sequential order. Manage your time wisely and do not spend too much time on one question. Write neatly and legibly, and avoid overwriting and cutting.
  • Review your answers before submitting the answer sheet. Check for any errors, omissions, or discrepancies, and correct them if possible. Ensure that you have attempted all the questions and marked them correctly.

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