11 Mar 2022

12th Economics Chapter 6 – Banking Book Back Answers

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Economics – Chapter 6: Banking Book Back Answers

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Standard New Economics Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Questions with Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Tamil Nadu Class 12 New Syllabus Economics Chapter 6 – Banking Book Back Solutions 2022 available for English medium students. TN Samacheer Kalvi 12th Std Economics Book Portion consists of 12 chapters. Check chapter-wise and Full Class 12th Economics Book Back Answers/ Guide 2022 PDF format for free download. 12th Economics Chapter 6 – Banking Book Back Answers below:

English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Commerce Book Back One and Two Mark Questions and Answers available in PDF on our site. Class 12th Standard English medium Economics guide Book Back Answers PDF listed below chapter-wise for free download. Check Social Science – History, Geography, Political Science, Economics One Mark English Medium below. See below for the New 12th Economics Book Back Questions with Answer PDF:

Class 12 Samacheer Books PDF Free download, Click the link – Samacheer Kalvi 12th books

12th Samacheer Books Economics Book Back Answers PDF:

English Medium 12th Samacheer Kalvi Economics Book Subject One Mark, Two Mark Guide questions and answers are available below. Take the printout and use it for exam purposes.

12th Economics – Chapter 6: Banking Book Back Answers

1. A Bank is a
a) Financial institution  b) Corporate  c) An Industry   d) Service institutions

2. A Commercial Bank is an institution that provides services
a) Accepting deposits  b) Providing loans  c) Both a and b  d) None of the above

3. The Functions of commercial banks are broadly classified into
a) Primary Functions  b) Secondary functions  c) Other functions  d) a, b, and c

4. Bank credit refers to
a) Bank Loans  b) Advances   c) Bank loans and advances  d) Borrowings

5. Credit creation means.
a) Multiplication of loans and  advances  b) Revenue  c) Expenditure  d) Debt

6. NBFI does not have.
a) Banking license  b) government approval   c) Money market approval  d) Finance ministry approval

7. Central bank is the ————— authority of any country.
a) Monetary  b) Fiscal  c) Wage  d) National Income

8. Who will act as the banker to the Government of India?
a) SBI  b) NABARD  c) ICICI  d) RBI

9. Lender of the last resort is one of the functions of _________.
a) Central Bank  b) Commercial banks  c) Land Development Banks  d) Co-operative banks

10. Bank Rate means.
a) Re-discounting the first-class  securities  b) Interest rate  c) Exchange rate  d) Growth rate

11. Repo Rate means.
a) Rate at which the Commercial  Banks are willing to lend to RBI   b) Rate at which the RBI is willing
to lend to commercial banks

c) Exchange rate of the foreign bank   d) Growth rate of the economy

12. Moral suasion refers.
a) Optimization  b) Maximization  c) Persuasion   d) Minimization

13. ARDC started functioning from
a) June 3, 1963  b) July 3, 1963  c) June 1, 1963   d) July 1, 1963

14. NABARD was set up in.
a) July 1962   b) July 1972   c) July 1982   d) July 1992

15. EXIM bank was established in ____________.
a) June 1982   b) April 1982   c) May 1982   d) March 1982

16. The State Financial Corporation Act was passed by
a) Government of India  b) Government of Tamilnadu  c) Government of Union Territories  d) Local Government.

17. Monetary policy is formulated by __________.
a) Co-operative banks  b)Commercial banks  c) Central Bank  d) Foreign banks

18. Online Banking is also known as ____________.
a) E-Banking  b) Internet Banking  c) RTGS   d) NEFT

19. Expansions of ATM.
a) Automated Teller Machine   b) Adjustment Teller Machine   c) Automatic Teller mechanism   d) Any Time Money

20. 2016 Demonetization of currency includes denominations of
a) Rs 500 and Rs 1000   b) Rs 1000 and Rs 2000  c) Rs 200 and Rs 500    d) All the above

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