22 Mar 2022

11th Geography Unit 6 Atmosphere Book Back

Samacheer Kalvi 11th Geography – Unit 6: Atmosphere Book Back Answers

Samacheer Kalvi 11th Standard New Geography Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Questions with Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Tamil Nadu Class 11 Geography New Syllabus – Atmosphere Book Back Solutions 2023 available for English medium students. TN Samacheer Kalvi 11th Std Geography Book Portion consists of 8 units for English Medium. Check Unit-wise and Full Class 11th Geography Book Back Answers Guide 2023 PDF format available below for free Download. Samacheer Kalvi 11th Geography Unit 6 Atmosphere Book Back English Medium solutions PDF below:

English, Tamil, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Commerce Book Back One and Two Mark Questions and Answers available in PDF on our site. TN Class 11th Geography guide Book Back Answers PDF English unit-wise given below for free download and same given below.  See below for the New 11th Geography Book Back Questions with Answer PDF in English:

For Class 11 Samacheer Kalvi Geography Book PDF Free Download, Click the link – Samacheer Kalvi 11th books

11th Geography Book Back Answers PDF in English:

Tamil Nadu Samcheer Kalvi 11th Geography Subject One Mark, Two Mark Guide questions and answers are available below. Check Geography questions for English and Tamil mediums. Take the printout and use it for exam purposes.

11th Geography – Unit 1: Atmosphere Book Back Answers

I. Choose the Correct Answer:

1. Which of the following atmospheric layers known as the weather layer?
a. Troposphere  b. Stratosphere
c. Thermosphere   d. Mesosphere

2. Which is the most suitable layer for flying Jet aircraft?
a. Troposphere  b. Stratosphere
c. Mesosphere   d. Exosphere

3. Which of the following atmospheric structure absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the sun and protect the earth from intense heating?
a. Troposphere    b. Ozonosphere
c. Thermosphere d. Exosphere

4. An imaginary line connecting the places having equal atmospheric temperature is called
a. Isotherm  b. Isohytes
c. Isobar       d. Contour

5. Speed of the wind is measured by
a. Barometer       b. Hygrometer
c. Thermometer d. Anemometer

6. What happens to atmospheric pressure with an increase in altitude?
a. It remains constant b. It increases
c. It decreases          d. It constantly fluctuates

7. Which one of the following winds is an example of secondary winds?
a. Trade winds      b. Westerlies
c. Polar easterlies d. Monsoon

8. Albedo means
a. Amount of solar radiation reflected by the surface
b. Amount moisture absorbed by the surface
c. Amount moisture present in air
d. Amount of molecules present in air

9. Which instrument is used to measure the relative humidity in the air?
a. Hygrometer  b. Barometer
c. Thermometer   d. Altimeter

10. Convectional rainfall mostly occurs in _______?
a. Temperate region b. Equatorial region
c. Tundra region       d. Desert region

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